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Japanese-brand Automakers’ Total Investment in America Tops $45 Billion

May 17, 2016
By Business Wire News


Today, the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association’s U.S. office (JAMA USA) released its 2015 advance contributions data, highlighting Japanese-brand automakers’ growing economic contributions to America, which support U.S. economic growth and job creation. The data features JAMA members’ cumulative investment, direct employment, dealer-network employment, production, and sales in the United States, as well as exports from their U.S. manufacturing plants.

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JAMA USA Released 2015 Advance Contributions Data (Graphic: Business Wire)

JAMA USA Released 2015 Advance Contributions Data (Graphic: Business Wire)

“Across the country, from California to Tennessee, from Texas to Indiana, Ohio, and numerous states in between, our members continue to provide American workers with high-quality jobs,” said Manny Manriquez, JAMA USA General Director. “Through JAMA members’ manufacturing, R&D, headquarters, sales and dealership network employment, they provided an all-time high of more than 460,000 U.S. jobs in 2015.”

With Japanese-brand automakers’ cumulative investment in the United States exceeding $45 billion as of 2015, JAMA members have increasingly demonstrated their commitment to building and selling their vehicles here over the last four decades. “For the first time in history, more than 75 percent of Japanese-brand vehicles sold in the U.S. are made in North America—this proves that our members’ commitment to manufacturing in America remains as strong as ever,” added Manriquez.

While this new data shows that JAMA members’ are integral to the U.S. automotive industry, their impact in the United States goes far beyond raw production numbers and direct investment.

“Broader U.S. contributions are at the core of our members’ approach to investing in America. Japanese-brand automakers also invest in U.S.-based research and development and forward-looking workforce development initiatives. Through these activities, and the continuous focus on emerging technologies, such as automated driving systems and connected vehicles, our members are helping to shape the automotive future in America,” said Manriquez.

Key data points are now available in the table attached to this press release.

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