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JAC Successfully Completes Shipment of 5239 Heavy-duty Trucks to Venezuela

May 24, 2016
By Business Wire News


JAC (Shanghai Stock Exchange:600418) has dispatched the final 420 of a 5239 unit order of heavy-duty trucks to Venezuela. The largest order of Chinese heavy-duty trucks for export to date, the order consisted of 11 models including semi-trailers, lorries, modified and other popular vehicles.

South America is a crucial market for JAC, and since launching there in 2006 the company has already won admiration and approval from local customers, including the Venezuelan Oil Ministry, large logistics companies and other government departments.


In late 2013, Venezuelan President Mauro announced the establishment of a national logistics management company and planned to purchase a batch of vehicles to enhance the development of the Venezuelan economy. Given its good reputation in the South American market, its KD plant in Venezuela, advanced R&D and testing center, world-leading manufacture platform and internationalized resource system, JAC was the obvious choice as supplier for Mauro’s scheme. During early 2014, a deal was signed between Venezuela’s Road Transport Department, CORPOVEX S.A and JAC for the production of 5239 heavy-duty trucks.

JAC in Venezuela

JAC and its partner began assembling pick-up, light duty trucks and heavy duty trucks at its KD plant in Venezuela in 2012. With a sales network covering 12 key cities, the KD plant has brought more than 600 employment opportunities to the area and strongly promoted local economic development. In 2013 JAC surpassed GM in light-duty truck sales, becoming the best-selling commercial vehicle brand in the country. JAC has internationalized, advancing from an exports based model, to overseas assembly and joint ventures.

In order to adapt to the Venezuelan market, JAC has made a number of efforts. Firstly, due to Venezuela’s hot and humid climate, JAC emphasizes that its vehicles are both corrosion and high temperature resistant. JAC has also made considerable efforts to study and implement Venezuelan vehicle assembly laws and regulations, and has carried out many adaptive improvements, reliability tests and homologation tests.

According to JAC’s Venezuelan distributor Luis Alfredo, cooperation between the company and the Venezuelan government has been very strong. He said that as a fast developing company, JAC has already outdone many of their customers’ expectations and has won many favorable reviews. Due to its excellent quality and suitable prices, JAC has easily maintained its predominant position as number one in the commercial vehicles market in the country.

A milestone for JAC and the commercial vehicle industry

The first order of heavy-duty trucks set sail to Venezuela from Shanghai in late 2014. This was a crucial moment in JAC’s internationalization of their brand and demonstrated breakthroughs in both export scale and speed, becoming a milestone for the industry. With the order of over 5000 trucks now successfully completed, JAC is assured that it has not only proven the powerful quality of its products, but also managed to bring a higher quality of life to its customers worldwide.

About JAC Motors

JAC Motors is an automaker that develops full-line independent brand vehicles including light, medium and heavy trucks, sedans, MPV, SRV, buses, chassis, engineering machinery, engines, and gearboxes. Based in Hefei, China, the company’s research and development center drives its innovation. JAC also founded China’s first overseas research and development center in Turin Italy, and a second in Tokyo, Japan.

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