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It May Not Feel Like Winter Yet, but Now is the Time to Take a Proactive Approach to Avoid the Damaging Effects of Pests

December 8, 2015
By Business Wire News


Colder weather on the horizon signifies an increased risk of pests like rodents, birds, bats and insects seeking a place to spend the winter. A proactive approach to ensure a defense against pest infestations needs to be top of mind for every homeowner or building manager this time of year.

Ehrlich Pest Control recommends checking off these critical pest hot spots on its Winter Checklist of common areas vulnerable to pest problems, as well as offers advice on how to possibly prevent a problem before it happens.

1.Attics – An attic offers a fantastic retreat for rodents like rats and mice to spend the winter. Be sure to replace all damaged roof tiles and attic vents before it snows. It is best to store items in sealed plastic bins to avoid rodents nesting and damage.

2.Pipes and drains – Cockroaches, ants and other insects are attracted to moisture and excess water. Now is the time to inspect and repair any damage. Be sure to replace water-damaged wood to prevent attraction of wood-infesting pests once the snow melts.

3.Chimneys – Birds, bats and squirrels like to make homes in chimneys. Install a suitably sized chimney cap to keep animals out and prevent secondary pest infestations.

4.Garages – Many people use a garage more for storing items. However, rodents love to find nesting sites there. Store items off the floor on shelving and be sure to place all food items in plastic containers. Check around doors for gaps and seal all openings a quarter inch or greater.

5.Kitchen – The kitchen is often the one room singled out by pest control professionals as the highest risk of a pest problem. It is important to store food in airtight containers. Make it a point to regularly empty contents of garbage cans and clear up any food debris. Check the expiration dates of cereal and other dried food items, and discard expired items to prevent infestations by stored product pests.

6.Bird Feeders and Trash Cans – Bird feeders don’t just ensure a steady food supply to birds in the cold weather. Mice are especially attracted to bird feed, including seeds and discarded hulls. Therefore be sure to keep the ground surrounding bird feeders free of seeds and debris. Trash is an additional food source for rodents and other wildlife during the winter months. All trash cans should be secured with tight-fitting lids.

7.Foundation and walls Rodents and other pests will look to gain entry into crawlspaces and other protected areas this time of year. Be sure to identify and repair any openings in the foundation, and around utility pipe entryways. Also, replace damaged dryer and other vents.

8.Windows and doors – Cracks or gaps around windows and doors are easy to overlook. However, in the time it takes to say “cheese” a rodent can zip through an opening just a quarter of an inch in size. It pays to cover these gaps from both an energy saving and a pest prevention point of view. Be sure to install weather stripping around windows and doors, as well as door sweeps beneath doors.

“During the cold weather, pests such as mice will be looking to get inside. It’s important to reduce the attraction of pests to your property and to prevent them from entering your home. Once pests enter, they rarely leave, and will quickly multiply in number,”saidNancy Troyano, Ph.D., entomologist for Rentokil. “Conducting this quick Winter Check will bring peace of mind that you are doing all you can to keep your home or business protected against damaging pest infestations.”

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