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ISO 18436 Master Vibration Analyst (Category-IV) Certification Course to be Held in Houston in October

July 29, 2015
By Business Wire News


Mobius Institute, the premier provider of reliability improvement and condition monitoring training courses and products, today announced that it will conduct its master-level vibration analyst certification course in Houston, Texas, offering the top vibration analysts in North America to achieve the highest level certification provided by the ISO 18436 standards. The certification course and examination will take place at the Marriott Houston Airport during the week of October 19, 2015. Mobius Institute is one of only two vibration training and certification providers in North America that is accredited to ISO 18436-1 and ISO 18436-2 standards for vibration analyst training. Mobius Institute trains nearly 3000 vibration analysts each year through its accredited courses.

Its Category IV (CAT-IV) course is unique and offers several advantages to its students. The course is of a hybrid format, where the first half of the course (equivalent to 5 days) is delivered through Mobius’ popular online learning format. Once this online portion of the course is completed, the students are qualified to attend the classroom portion of course. The hybrid format minimizes the amount of time a student needs to be away from his/her employment and family. All of the course material utilizes Mobius’ proprietary 3D animations and software simulators that help to make complex concepts easier to understand. The course is delivered by Jason Tranter, an expert in vibration analysis and plant reliability topics, and Robert Eisenmann, Sr. who adds extensive rotor dynamics expertise to the course.

The certification examination will be offered on the final day of the classroom portion of the CAT-IV course.

“In the US, we have to make our ISO Category IV training superior in every way to attract practitioners in advanced vibration analysis and rotor dynamics,” said Bill Slonaker, North America business manager, Mobius Institute. “Student feedback tells us that this quality of training is what has been missing at this level in vibration analyst training.”

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