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Intertek Addresses the Challenges in Deciphering the Requirements for Protein Claims

July 9, 2015
By Business Wire News


Intertek, a leading provider of quality services to industries worldwide, supports companies struggling to understand the regulatory requirements when making protein claims.

The development of novel sources of protein has increased over the last five years in response to consumer demands for health products that aid weight management, improve sports performance, enhance muscle mass and promote healthy aging. However, the types of health and nutritional claims that companies can make on protein-enriched products are subject to strict rules and regulations, making it challenging to navigate, particularly when looking to market their products worldwide

To help decipher these regulatory challenges, Dr. Kathy Musa-Veloso, an accomplished regulatory scientist within Intertek Life Sciences, will be presenting at the Bridge2Food 10th Food Proteins Course in Chicago, Illinois on July 15 th, 2015. Dr. Musa-Veloso’s presentation “Comparing Proteins” will help companies clarify current and new protein evaluation methodologies, the types of protein claims that can be made globally, as well as key considerations in the clinical evaluation of the efficacy of new proteins.

Dr. Musa-Veloso states, “Protein plays a significant role in the maintenance of human health and in the prevention of disease. As new methodologies to evaluate protein quality are investigated, it can be extremely confusing for companies to juggle the requirements of different regulatory bodies and to ensure claims made in food labeling and advertising are scientifically validated. During my presentation, I hope to bring clarity to these issues.”

Dr. Musa-Veloso also will be presenting at the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) pre-event short course, “Leveraging Consumer Research for Product Claims Substantiation” on July 10th– 11th, 2015. Her presentations will aim to provide an overview of health and nutritional claims case-studies, a discussion on health/nutrition claims, as well as a global perspective on the current and future regulatory environment.

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