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“Innovative Taiwan” Products Shine at National Hardware Show 2015

May 5, 2015
By Business Wire News


The Taiwan hardware product innovations were unveiled at the press conference “Innovative Taiwan” that took place on Tuesday, May 5 at Room N219, North Hall, at the National Hardware Show in Las Vegas Convention Center. Taiwanese hand tools and plumbing manufacturers continue demonstrating year after year that their industries have carved new paths in providing innovative products fused with other successful and wide-known industries in the island.

Innovative Taiwan Product Launch Presenters at the National Hardware Show included (L to R):  Ms. Ir ...

Innovative Taiwan Product Launch Presenters at the National Hardware Show included (L to R): Ms. Iring Chao, Marketing Manager of the iThinking Original Design Company; Mr. Yira Wu Managing Director of Shuter Enterprise Company; Mr. Ming Shy-Chen, Deputy Director General, Taipei Economic and Cultural Office Los Angeles; Mr. S. C. Yu, Vice Chairman of the Taiwan Hand Tool Manufacturers’ Association; Mr. Jack Lin, Plumbing Association of Taiwan; Ms. Leah Hsieh, Sales for Re-Dai Precision Tools Company and Ms. Hui-Ling Lee, Director Taiwan Trade Center Los Angeles. (Photo: Business Wire)

During the event, opening remarks were made by Ms. Hui-Ling Lee, Director of the Taiwan Trade Center in Los Angeles mentioning that in 2014, Taiwanese hand tool makers saw export volume of USD $2.82 billion, which represents a 9% growth from 2013. Special remarks were made by Mr. Ming-Shy Chen, Deputy Director General, Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Los Angeles who stated the strong economic ties remains between Taiwan and the USA in which the aforementioned is the largest destination of Taiwanese hand tools, with a 29% of overall exports, followed by Germany, China, Japan and the UK. These figures also point to Taiwan’s sustained development in recent years.

Over 100 companies represented Taiwan at the National Hardware Show. TAITRA (the Taiwan Trade Office) along with the Taiwan Plumbing Association and the Taiwan Hand Tool Association also joined to introduce this year’s most innovative hardware and plumbing products. Since 1992, the Taiwan Ministry of Economic Affairs along with the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) have created the Taiwan Excellence Award to encourage Taiwan industries to upgrade and incorporate innovation and value into their products. The selection of awards is based on four criteria: research and development, design, quality and marketing. The red symbol of Taiwan Excellence heralds Taiwan’s ascent to world-class quality in product innovation, design and manufacturing, representing the highest standards which Taiwan products must meet to maintain its competitive edge in the global markets. The judges are selected from an international panel of leading industrial design experts.

Companies, Trade Groups and Products Featured at the 2015 National Hardware Show:

RE-DAI Precision Tools started from manufacturing hand sockets and accessories in 1984. The company has since expanded to include impact sockets and accessories, auto repairing tools and special technical sockets and tools. It introduced its Tiny Bone (5 in 1) ratchet handle, an exquisite, bijou and multi-function hand tool, which can be used as a screwdriver, flexible ratchet, palm ratchet, speeder handle or as a sliding T handle.

Shuter Enterprise is a well-known manufacturer and supplier of storage products in Taiwan. For more than 45 years, Shuter has worked hard to earn the reputation of providing clients with superior service and highest quality production possible. Shuter presented the Rotational Quick Tip-Out Bin – RFO636, an innovative fixed location management system offering extra convenience. This allows retailers and shop owners to effortlessly organize craft supplies, parts and small items with quick and suitable tip-out bins.

iThinking Original Design sticks to its「Design with home in mind」motto as the fundamental purpose of iThinking brand management: The company is known for its design of household products by using lifeforms in a warm, likable manner that help create a cozy living atmosphere with rich colors. iThinking showcases Huku, six different types of frequently-used screwdriver bits contained in a body that is a screwdriver set with a magnetic head. Huku has a stylish and slick appearance, yet it is extremely functional.

Byson International, established in March, 2002, specializes in faucet and plumbing specialties. The company offers hardware and plumbing stores one stop shopping for faucets and related products made in Taiwan. Products have cUPC certification for US and Canada markets.

Long Tai Copper Corporation, established in 1981, is an innovative faucet manufacturer that designs and builds a wide range selection of consumer and commercial faucets, shower heads, OEM parts and valves. The product offering is available to the hardware and plumbing industry worldwide.

Taiwanese Industry Associations:

The Plumbing Association of Taiwan was founded in 1940, grouping family-style plumbing hardware factories. Up to the 1970s, when the Taiwanese plumbing industry reached its peak, the association helped to develop company-style businesses and expand their products in foreign markets. In the last decades, it has continued promoting modern management, high quality production and innovative designs, thus contributing to the resurgence of The Faucet Kingdom.

The Taiwan Hand Tool Manufacturers’ Association was founded in 1977 establishing its cornerstone value upon the world hand tool supply chain ever since. Through forging strategic alliances, the association not only harnessed the individual prowess of small and medium Taiwanese enterprises, but also reaps in the synergic benefits of manufacturing efficiency, research innovation, and market positioning.

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