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Industry’s First Independent Interoperability Test for Third Party Optical Transceivers Demonstrates Viable Alternatives to Costly OEM Versions

December 9, 2015
By Business Wire News


NETPATIBLES, the advanced networking division of Sourcing Solutions, LLC, a leading provider of alternative technology solutions for enterprise and data center customers, today announced the results of the industry’s first third party interoperability tests conducted by Network Test, Inc. on the company’s NETPATIBLES-branded Optical Transceivers. Network Test reports the NETPATIBLES products met or exceeded every rigorous set of interoperability benchmark tests with leading switching platforms from Arista®, Cisco®, HPE® and Juniper®. A full copy of the report can be downloaded at

“For years, leading branded switch and router manufacturers have been exploiting their customers with a ‘razor-and-blade’ scheme where they charged outrageous premiums to add optical transceivers to a customer’s base systems, claiming interoperability issues with using non-OEM alternatives,” said Michael Rubin, CEO, Sourcing Solutions LLC. “The results of this independent test show that we can finally end this myth with our NETPATIBLES brand of optical transceivers, unshackling end-users to maximize their budgets by saving up to 80 percent on their growing need to expand optical ports.”

For purposes of this project, Network Test defined “interoperability” as the ability to meet all six of the following criteria:

  • After hot-plugging the transceiver into the switch, it correctly established link with its link partner.
  • The switch did not require any transceiver-specific configuration commands
  • Using Ethernet autonegotiation, the transceiver correctly set the maximum speed and duplex settings (1 Gbit/s or 10 Gbit/s rates and full-duplex transmission).
  • The transceiver forwarded bidirectional traffic consisting of 9,216-byte jumbo frames at the switch’s throughput rate for one hour with zero frame loss.
  • The transceiver did not generate frame check sequence (FCS) or any other link-layer errors during the one-hour test duration.
  • The transceiver correctly identified itself to the switch as a NETPATIBLES or OEM branded unit.

According to the Network Test report on NETPATIBLES Optical Transceivers, the reviewers wrote, “In every single test case, NETPATIBLES transceivers correctly interoperated with the host switch, with zero frame loss and zero errors under maximally stressful conditions.”

According to a recent report by WinterGreen Research, the optical transceiver market is expected to expand to $9.9 billion worldwide by 2020. Fueling this expansion is increasing demand for bandwidth and improved response times driven by trends toward streaming services, high-definition video, and the proliferation of smartphones and tablets, cloud-based storage, and consumer applications.

The NETPATIBLES brand of optical products is part of Sourcing Solutions’ Advanced Networking Division which solves real customer IT budget issues by delivering high-performance and high-value networking products. Being tested and proven with major branded (OEM) networking equipment provides end-users the reassurance to confidently substitute these transceivers for the branded (OEM) parts without worry of operability issues or loss of features. NETPATIBLES transceivers are 100 percent compatible with more than 25 leading networking hardware brands including Cisco (NASDAQ: CSCO), Juniper (NYSE: JNPR), Hewlett Packard Enterprises Co. (NYSE: HPE), and Arista (NYSE: ANET). The NETPATIBLES optical transceivers are available in today’s most popular speeds of 1000Base (1GB) and 10GB as well as next generation ultra-high bandwidth speeds of 40GB and 100GB with advanced technologies like tunable DWDM, EPON/GPON, and CPRI. Form factors supported are SFP/SFP+, XFP, QSFP/QSFP+/QSFP28, X2, Xenpak, and CFP/CFP2/CFP4.

NETPATIBLES’ networking compatible products can be found at Ingram Micro Inc. (NYSE: IM), the leader in technology and supply chain services, through their network of partners, online and traditional resellers, VARS and System Integrators.

The NETPATIBLES brand of products provides enterprise networking customers with “Simply Smarter Networks,” a company credo by which NETPATIBLES designs, manufactures, tests, and supports its products. Leveraging the company’s heritage in sourcing and supply chain management, the NETPATIBLES product line delivers on this by combining 100 percent compatibility, leading-edge technology, best-in class service programs, lifetime warranty and stunning cost savings of as much as 80 percent compared to the original branded equivalents.

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NETPATIBLES is the advanced networking components division of Sourcing Solutions, LLC, Costa Mesa, CA.

About Sourcing Solutions, LLC
Founded in 2010, Sourcing Solutions LLC is a leader in alternative technology solutions for enterprise and data center operators. The company’s Sourcing Division and Advanced Networking Division offer a wide range of products and services designed to extend the lifecycle of IT products and enhance their value proposition. Sourcing Solutions LLC, headquartered in Costa Mesa, CA. was recently named one of the largest Women-Owned Businesses in Orange County in 2015 and one of the Fastest Growing Private Companies in 2013, 2014 and 2015 (Orange County Business Journal). In addition, Sourcing Solutions is an Orange County Register selection for “Best Places to Work in Orange County” in 2015.

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About Network Test, Inc.
Network Test is an independent third-party test lab and engineering services consultancy.

Our core competencies are performance, security, and conformance assessment of networking equipment and live networks. Our clients include equipment manufacturers, large enterprises, service providers, industry consortia, and trade publications.

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NETPATIBLES is a registered trademark of Sourcing Solutions, LLC. All company names and product names are trademarks of their respective companies.

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