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Hyundai Mobis Sharpens Its Global After-sales Service Competitiveness by Strengthening Communication with Overseas Branches

June 1, 2016
By Business Wire News

SEOUL, South Korea

Hyundai Mobis (KRX:012330), which supplies after-sales service parts globally to Hyundai-Kia Motors, will strengthen direct communication with its overseas after-sales branches. The company intends to improve after-sales customer service competitiveness by actively improving on problems experienced in the global fields.

• Holding global video conferences between 80 overseas after-sales service branches and head office personnel

Hyundai Mobis announced on May 30 that it has opened a direct communication channel using video conferencing between its overseas after-sales service branch local managers and head office personnel.

Around 50 local managers at 12 after-sales service branches including ones in the Americas, Europe and Middle East and around 30 head office staff members will hold a monthly meeting through the company’s video conference system.

Spoken in English without translation, the online meetings will be held regularly in the last week of every month, twice in the morning and depending on time zone differences. Relevant director-level office heads will also attend the meeting to improve on problems raised by staff members and customers from all around the world in real time.

In the existing system, points raised by overseas local managers were collected by resident employees, which then went through each support department until finally being delivered to head office personnel. With this new communication channel connecting global local managers and head office personnel, they can communicate directly without the need for an intermediary communication process. Hyundai Mobis expects that this communication innovation will not only increase the speed of solving problems, but it will also allow the company to reflect the vivid array of voices from global sites in real time.

Of 57 items on the agenda raised at pilot meetings held in March and April, 25 items, almost half, were resolved in only a month after the meeting through immediate corrective. The remaining items, which require more time, such as improvement of main systems and policies, are also being improved through continuous management.

• Improving infrastructure at the same time, including logistics rationalization… Challenging perfect after-sales service competitiveness

Such efforts of Hyundai Mobis are in line with Hyundai Motor Group’s recent strategy to strengthen its global brand competitiveness. The company aims to maximize customer satisfaction through the fast and accurate supply of after-sale parts as customer satisfaction for after-sale services has a direct influence on brand loyalty aspects, such as repurchase rates.

Hyundai Mobis plans to identify items to be improved in various categories to improve overall global after-sale service competitiveness and execute strategic investments. These items include expanding logistics bases from current 54 bases to over 60 by 2020, rationalizing logistics by improving logistics centers to suit region-specific priority and integrating control over low-circulating stocks, and improving transportation methods to identify new transportation suitable to each region – Last year, parts transportation duration was shortened by around 40% through the Trans-Siberian Railway.

“We will prevent customers and Hyundai-Kia cars from experiencing inconveniences through quick and seamless provision of parts at home and abroad,” says Sohn Chan-mo, Director of Overseas Service Parts, Hyundai Mobis. “The new direct communication channel with overseas branches, as well as improvement of infrastructure, is part of our efforts to secure perfect after-sales service competitiveness.”

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