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Hyundai MOBIS Goes to CES, Armed with Cutting-edge Technology

December 26, 2015
By Business Wire News

SEOUL, South Korea

On December 27, Hyundai Mobis(KRX: 012330) announced that the company is planning to introduce a large number of innovative future car technologies and state-of-the-art convenience devices under the exhibition concept of ‘Lifetime partner in automobiles and beyond.’

To this end, Hyundai MOBIS will install exhibition rooms on two floors in the exhibition hall of 260m² . The first floor will display innovative technologies of the future, while the second floor will display the technologies it has currently developed. In particular, the future innovative technology exhibition room on the first floor will be divided into three exhibition areas, and experiential exhibits that implement the next-generation autonomous driving technology, the intelligent cockpit and the future vehicular communication technology will be on display in respective areas so that spectators can see and experience rather vague future automotive technologies more easily.

Hyundai MOBISexpects that participation in CES 2016 will help the company further solidify its global status as a total automotive parts maker leading future technology development.

“Electronic parts that combine automobiles and IT technologies are the core technologies that enable the company to ensure sustainability in the future,” said Jeong Seung-gyun (VP), head of the R&D Division of Hyundai MOBIS. “We will carve out the brand image leading innovative technologies by presenting the state-of-the-art technologies of MOBIS and the direction of developing future car technologies at CES 2016.”

Experiential exhibits deliver future car technologies easily… attracting the interest of spectators.

Hyundai MOBIS is using experiential exhibits to display future technologies so that spectators can easily understand automotive technologies. In particular, Hyundai MOBIS put state-of-the-art future car technologies in 3 different experiential exhibit areas; ‘DAS Car’, ‘i-Cockpit Car’, and ‘Connected Zone’.

At ‘DAS Car’, spectators can directly experience how the seven different DAS (Driving Assistance System) technologies, i.e. AEB, SCC, LKAS, Active BSD, CTA and Remote SPAS, are implemented in different situations.

The ‘i-Cockpit Car’ is the experiential exhibit that partially implemented the cockpit of an autonomous driving car, conceptualized by Hyundai MOBIS. As it can simulate partial autonomous driving condition, spectators can experience how the future autonomous driving car will function inside.

In the ‘Connected Zone’, the situation in which the automobile exchanges information while constantly communicating with the road infrastructure or other cars is made into animation, and shown to spectators on three kiosks.

In addition to these state-of-the-art future car technologies, Hyundai MOBIS will introduce 14 items which it currently has or whose advanced development is completed in the exhibition room on the second floor: i.e. 8 Body Control & DAS products, such as 2M-pixel automotive camera and AVM, 4 multimedia products such as ICS and D-Audio, and 2 advanced lamp products.

In the arena for competition in state-of-the-art IT technologies, global auto makers are capitalizing on their future car technologies to attract public attention.

CES is the world’s largest Consumer Electronics Show hosted by the Consumer Electronics Association of the US every January. As the boundaries between the IT industry and other industries are collapsing in recent years, companies in various industries are attending CES.

As automobiles are digitalized very quickly, an increasing number of auto makers and parts makers are flocking to CES year after year. In particular, as autonomous driving cars presuppose the development of state-of-the-art electronic devices combined with IT technologies, interest in CES, which makes it possible to experience the trends in IT technology development, is increasing.

As a matter of fact, more than 100 companies related to automobiles, including auto makers like Audi and Volkswagen as well as KIA Motors, and global top automotive parts makers like Continental, Delphi and Denso, have their own exhibition rooms at CES 2016. For this reason, the area of exhibition rooms related to automobiles increased by more than 25% over 2015.

Hyundai MOBISis planning to enhance its brand awareness and increase its overseas customer base by introducing its state-of-the-art future car technologies and its current product portfolio at CES on which the attention of global auto makers is focused.

To this end, Hyundai MOBIS is planning to station the local employees of its North American Research Center next to each exhibit to help officials from global automakers and spectators at CES better understand the exhibits. They will provide professional explanations about electronic technologies ranging from general descriptions to detailed product specifications to help improve their understanding of technologies.

* Terminology

– DAS: Driver Assistance System

– AEB: Autonomous Emergency Braking

– SCC: Smart Cruise Control

– LKAS: Lane Keeping Assistance System

– BSD: Blind Spot Detection

– CTA: Cross Traffic Assistance

– SPAS: Smart Parking Assistance System

– AVM: Around View Monitoring

– ICS: Integrated Center Stack

– D-Audio: Display Audio

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