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High-Definition Plastics Open up New Perspectives for Designers

May 18, 2016
By Business Wire News


HD Plastics™ will revolutionize plastics, just as digital photography has revolutionized photographic quality and methods. High-definition plastics open up some new perspectives for designers, who are always seeking material effects, textures, shapes and colors.

Unmatched level of tool surface replication

With RocTool high heat molding, the level of the tool surface replication goes up to 97.2%, providing product designers very premium looks, high gloss possibilities and matching the texture they initially targeted. “Brand names that want to stand out and are looking for excellence in materials are going to use HD plastics™,” explains RocTool CEO Matt Boulanger.

Planet friendly and no paint is a priority

With RocTool HD Plastics™, designers can evaluate all the possible solutions to reduce or eliminate the use of paint. The use of the right resins with RocTool process and creating unique decorated textures on the tool surface is a way to fully eliminate secondary operations. “We realize that increasing the number of painting lines, or adding secondary steps in the manufacturing of decorated products is not a long term solution, along with the need to be environmentally concerned.” Dr. Feigenblum, RocTool CTO adds.

Nespresso coffee machines designed with HD Plastics™

NESPRESSO®, who recently won the JEC Innovation Award, have chosen HD Plastics™ for their Pixie Clips coffee machine.

About RocTool:Created in 2000, RocTool is a Technology & Manufacturing solutions provider offering Engineering services and systems. RocTool induction process is fully adapted for plastic injection and compression molding, including multiple configurations to fit with tier manufacturers requirements. RocTool’s Research and Development team is adapting the technologies to more materials including metal. As a Heat and Cool technology leader, RocTool offers now HD Plastics™ capabilities to plastic molders and Light Induction Tooling™ to composite part suppliers.

The processes developed by RocTool are used in production by major brands in innovative industries such as automotive, aerospace, consumer products & electronics. They hold many advantages including reduced cycle times, surface quality, light-weighting and performance, therefore resulting in an overall cost reduction of the produced parts for manufacturers.

RocTool is listed on the Alternext Paris stock market. Its headquarters and R&D center is situated at Le Bourget du Lac (France). RocTool also has offices and platforms in North America, Japan, Taiwan and Germany.

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