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HGL Dynamics Selects PrismTech’s Vortex OpenSplice for Next Generation Data Acquisition Unit

January 5, 2016
By Business Wire News


PrismTech™, a global leader in software platforms for distributed systems, today announced that HGL Dynamics has selected its Vortex™ OpenSplice™ product for its next generation Data Acquisition Unit.

HGL Dynamics is a leading developer of high-specification, real-world dynamic data acquisition, analysis visualisation, and storage systems for industrial and engineering applications, particularly turbines and rotating equipment. HGL Dynamics’ products have a proven track record of providing acquisition, storage and analysis equipment for civil and military jet engines, including systems for the Joint Strike Fighter program, in the UK and USA.

PrismTech’s Vortex OpenSplice is the leading (commercial and Open Source) implementation of the Object Management Group™’s (OMG™) Data Distribution Service (DDS) for Real-Time Systems standard. Vortex OpenSplice has been designed to optimally address the real-time information distribution and management challenges posed by high performance real-time data-processing systems.

Vortex OpenSplice was chosen by HGL Dynamics for its next generation Data Acquisition Unit as it could leverage the extensive performance, scalability and interoperability that are inherent in the product. The broad range of qualities of service (QoS) supported in Vortex OpenSplice also helped to guarantee predictable and reliable delivery of real-time data within its measurement systems.

“We have seen an increase in customers asking us to provide DDS-based vendor interoperability as part of our product range; with PrismTech’s support and using Vortex OpenSplice’s modern C++ API we have been able to quickly achieve this. We have plans to make even more use of Vortex OpenSplice in our product range in the future,” said Duncan Crutchley, Principal Software Engineer, HGL Dynamics.

“I’m very pleased to be able to add HGL Dynamics to our extensive global list of customers who are using Vortex OpenSplice in demanding real-time data-processing systems,” said Keith Steele, Founder, PrismTech. “HGL Dynamics’ customers, including those within the global flight testing market, are converging on DDS as a proven, interoperable data sharing solution to realise significant reductions in integration costs.”

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