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Heinosky Korea to Supply EPS Insulation to France and Other Advanced Countries

June 30, 2016
By Business Wire News

SEOUL, South Korea

EPS, “Styrofoam,” is widely used as an insulation material. Heinosky has taken this material and added fire-retardant and thermosetting properties to create a product that doesn’t catch fire easily or become deformed when exposed to high temperatures. However, what has made it particularly attractive to advanced countries is the fact that it is made using eco-friendly materials.

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Heinosky's EPS insulation board being subjected to a fire-retardancy test (Heinosky)

Heinosky’s EPS insulation board being subjected to a fire-retardancy test (Heinosky)

CEO Lee Seung-hee said, “Since speaking with President Park Geun-hye at the ‘Conversation with Global Players’ event last March at the Gyeonggi Center for Creative Economy & Innovation, we have received numerous orders from countries. If our plant in Pocheon, Gyeonggi-do, is able to begin operations in June, we will begin supplying EPS insulation boards to France and Korea in the second half of this year.” The company is planning to begin selling its insulation products to the United States next year.

The fire-retardant, thermosetting, and eco-friendly properties of Heinosky’s EPS insulation board are the result of the company’s use of superior materials, manufacturing equipment, and finishing process. In particular, the foam is made using non-toxic, inorganic additives such as bromine, and the use of hazardous materials, such as lead, cadmium, and mercury, has been minimized, with all quantities kept far below the maximum allowances.

Also, the company uses some of the world’s best manufacturing equipment, all finished products leaving the plant only after an ageing period of at least four to six weeks. In order to ensure the highest quality over the long term, manufacturers must allow for a sufficient ageing period, but most fail to do so due to delivery deadlines or storage space limitations, said CEO Lee.

Currently, Heinosky’s EPS insulation boards are widely used for exterior insulation for buildings, sandwich panels, insulated interior wall panels, fire doors, and firewalls, and the product has already been used in buildings in Busan and Incheon. Currently, Heinosky is collaborating with subsidiaries of KT, and the Gyeonggi Center for Creative Economy & Innovation is assisting with its exploration of global markets.

CEO Lee said, “As the demand for safe, energy-efficient construction materials continues to rise, fire retardancy has become essential, and through continued research and development, we will meet such demand by producing higher-quality products.”

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