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HawkEye 360 Selects Deep Space Industries to Manufacture Pathfinder Small Satellites

May 24, 2016
By Business Wire News


HawkEye 360, Inc., a subsidiary of Allied Minds (LSE:ALM), today announced that it has selected Deep Space Industries and its sub-contractor, the University of Toronto Space Flight Laboratory (SFL) as the manufacturer for its Pathfinder small satellite cluster. Deep Space Industries has also chosen to participate in HawkEye 360’s first preferred financing round. The agreement is a key component in the commercial development of HawkEye 360’s space-based radio frequency mapping and analytics system for use by commercial enterprises and governments.

While the company’s Pathfinder cluster is scheduled for launch and testing in late 2017, once the full commercial constellation is launched, HawkEye 360 will be operating the world’s first privately-funded constellation of small satellites in low Earth orbit (less than 600 kilometers from the Earth’s surface) to collect data and generate reports on geolocated wireless signals that can be used to monitor global transportation networks, support government requirements, and assist with emergencies. For government regulators, telecommunications companies and satellite broadcasters, HawkEye 360 could monitor RF spectrum usage to identify areas of interference and allocated-but-unused bandwidth.

“Deep Space Industries and SFL are important strategic partners to help us accelerate the capabilities and applications of small satellite technology,” said John Serafini, CEO of HawkEye 360 and Senior Vice President of Allied Minds. “Selecting and securing our satellite development partners to manufacture and launch the constellation is an important step forward as it will result soon in on-orbit capabilities that will be available to our government and commercial customers.”

Space-based detection of RF signals allows HawkEye 360 to locate and characterize difficult-to-visualize wireless spectrum information in a more accurate and efficient manner when compared to terrestrial detection and image analysis. By taking RF data and turning it into information, HawkEye 360 will be able to give commercial enterprises and governments better knowledge to make critical decisions.

The HawkEye 360 data-processing technology was originally developed by Dr. Charles Clancy and Dr. Bob McGwier at Virginia Tech’s Hume Center for National Security and Technology. Drs. Clancy and McGwier co-founded HawkEye 360 along with Chief Operating Officer Chris DeMay. HawkEye 360 is a subsidiary of Boston-based Allied Minds (LSE: ALM).

About HawkEye 360

HawkEye 360 is developing a constellation of small satellites in low Earth orbit (LEO) to generate reports on wireless signals that can be used to track and monitor global transportation networks, assist with emergencies, as well as other data analytics services. The company seeks to provide highly accurate maritime situational awareness, collecting information about vessels to create a wealth of current and historical data useful for commercial planning and monitoring, as well as emergency response. Similar data will be available for airborne and land-based transportation and logistics industries. HawkEye 360’s data processing technology was originally developed at Virginia Tech’s Hume Center for National Security and Technology. More information about the company can be found at

About Allied Minds

Allied Minds is a diversified holding company focused on venture creation within the life science and technology sectors. With unparalleled access to hundreds of university and federal labs across the U.S., Allied Minds forms, funds, and operates a portfolio of companies to generate long-term value for its investors and stakeholders. Based in Boston, with offices in Los Angeles and New York, Allied Minds supports its businesses with capital, central management, and shared services. For more information, please visit

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