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Groundbreaking University Study Proves Fabric Technology Powering New MISSION VaporActive Baselayer Scientifically Shown To Increase An Athlete’s Performance

June 16, 2016 | By PRN NewsWire

NEW YORK, June 16, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — MISSION, the market leader in Thermoregulation, is excited to announce its new MISSION VaporActive Baselayer Shirt is powered by 37.5(R) technology, which has now been scientifically shown to improve an athlete’s performance at their lactate threshold. The blind study conducted by the University of Colorado demonstrated that by reducing the increase in core temperature during exercise with the help of the innovative dry cooling technology, energy efficiency and output increased at dramatic levels. No other passive cooling fabric technology has been shown to increase human performance or increase the body’s ability to manage core temperature.

Physiologists Eric P. Homestead, Benjamin J. Ryan, Jesse A. Goodrich, and Professor William C. Byrnes authored the study, titled “Beneficial Effects of Cooling during Constant Power Non-steady State Cycling” at the University of Colorado at Boulder. First author Homestead presented the results at the American College of Sports Medicine’s 63rd Annual Meeting in Boston last week.

“This is a game-changing study for MISSION. Enabling an athlete to improve peak performance is our ultimate goal; achieving a 26% improvement at lactate threshold is unprecedented,” said Josh Shaw, Founder & CEO of MISSION. “As the pioneer of Thermoregulation, we are maniacally focused on both performance and safety of athletes at every level of play, and overheating is one of the biggest and most dangerous opponents athletes face on a daily basis. If MISSION can help athletes Thermoregulate so they can redirect their metabolic energy for performance rather than regulating their temperatures, that’s the ultimate win.”

This study scientifically shows that the technology:

— Extends an athlete’s performance at their lactate threshold; — Lowers core temperature during exercise; — Increases efficiency so an athlete uses less energy to do the same amount of work; — Decreases the rate of core temperature build up.

“We know the results of this study will be of great interest to athletes, trainers, coaches, soldiers and anyone looking to increase their performance by just changing what they wear,” said Jeff Bowman, CEO of Cocona, Inc. “We’re excited to bring this to athletes everywhere through MISSION, as the leaders in Thermoregulation.”

Why Core Temperature is Important

Managing core temperature is a key factor in determining performance and efficiency. It is critical to maximize the body’s built-in cooling mechanisms (evaporation of sweat) to help reduce the buildup of core temperature. The new MISSION VaporActive Baselayer Shirt powered by 37.5 works to keep the core body temperature lower in athletes working at their lactate threshold, which means that when wearing it, athletes can go longer at the same level of output.

Study Protocol

The study used three different cases to determine the effects of cooling on physiological indicators for human subjects. The cases were a typical wicking t-shirt available from the major athletic brands, an otherwise identical MISSION VaporActive Baselayer Shirt powered by 37.5 technology, and an ice vest and sleeves. The two shirts were blinded to both the investigators and the participants. Each case delivered a different level of cooling to athletes that were requested to maintain an exercise intensity on a stationary bicycle that resulted in an increasing heat stress. The athletes were tested for a wide range of physiological parameters before, during and after the requested activity. Core temperature, skin temperature, sweat rate, oxygen intake, carbon dioxide output, and blood levels were closely monitored and measured.

MISSION prides itself on developing, designing and delivering game-changing innovations that enhance performance and speed up recovery through temperature-control technologies. MISSION’s VaporActive collection is currently available at leading retailers such as Dick’s Sporting Goods, Academy Sporting Goods and online at

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Founded in 2009, and owned in collaboration with a group of world-class athletes including Serena Williams, Dwyane Wade, Drew Brees, Carli Lloyd, David Villa and others, MISSION is pioneering Thermoregulating innovations to maximize athlete performance and recovery. Working hand-in-hand with elite doctors, scientists and athletes, MISSION is focused on changing the game by delivering groundbreaking, innovative and technologically advanced solutions to meet the growing demands of today’s athletes before, during and after competition. The Company first unveiled its line of innovative EnduraCool instant cooling towels in 2012, and has since expanded the line to cover a wide range of instant cooling gear and accessories. The Company also has a dual MISSION. While delivering world-class product innovations, MISSION also makes an impact off the field of play through health and safety initiatives for youth athletes and proudly supports the charities of its athlete partners. Find out about MISSION at and follow the brand on Twitter @MissionAthlete. #onamission

About 37.5((R) )Technology

37.5 technology was created by Cocona Inc., a world leader in the development, commercialization and marketing of active particle technologies currently used to enhance the technical performance of clothing, footwear and sleep systems. The Company is headquartered in Boulder, Colorado. Previously, 37.5 technology was marketed under the Cocona brand name, as the original active carbon particles were derived from coconut shells. The technology has since been expanded to use additional natural materials.

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