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Government of Canada announces Terramera’s Partnership with ACA Investments

May 26, 2016
By Business Wire News


Canada’s Minister of International Trade, Hon. Chrystia Freeland announced Terramera’s partnership with ACA Investments at a signing ceremony in Japan. ACA Investments, an affiliate of Japanese powerhouse Sumitomo Corporation, has completed an investment in Vancouver-based Terramera, Inc. Focusing on creating healthy, safe environments free of toxic chemicals, and making organic farming cheaper, more productive and abundant, Terramera will work with ACA and its partners to develop markets and distribution in Asia and globally.

“We have been very successful with the launch of our non-toxic Proof® products in the USA, which are the only EPA-approved 100% effective sprays available to control dust mites, bed bugs and their eggs. And our plant-based agriculture products, available in the US starting in 2017, will help farmers grow healthier, more sustainable food and fibre while increasing both yields and profits,” said Karn Manhas, Founder and CEO of Terramera. “There’s been a great deal of international interest in what our company is doing, and we are excited to work with ACA to expand our business, markets and distribution partner to build our business in Asia and beyond.”

“ACA Investments invested in Terramera because the company has demonstrated through multiple field trials that its proprietary technology drastically enhances the effectiveness of biological ingredients – so much so, that its bio-pesticides have proven to be superior to best-in-class conventional chemical pesticides in a series of agricultural applications,” said Jung-kyu Kim, Director at ACA Investments. “We look forward to leveraging our network in Asia and beyond with our shareholder Sumitomo Corporation, who is the largest non-manufacturing distributor of agrochemicals worldwide, to help Terramera distribute its products internationally and improve the sustainability, health and economics of how we grow and produce our food. It is truly an honor to take part in supporting Terramera’s exciting technology.”

By studying plants that have evolved highly-effective defenses against pests and disease, Terramera has developed proprietary platforms that stabilize and deliver complex plant biochemicals, such as cold-pressed neem and other plant-extracts. Terramera’s Inspirium® Technology increases the efficiency and performance of biological materials, resulting in products that work better than today’s synthetic conventional chemicals at protecting against pests and disease; in agriculture, Terramera’s products promote plant health and increase farm yields.

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About Terramera

Terramera is an Ag-Bio CleanTech leader developing high-performance plant-based solutions as alternatives to conventional chemical pesticides and fertilizers. Terramera creates healthy, safe environments free of toxic chemicals, and makes sustainable and organic farming cheaper, more productive and abundant.

PROOF, Terramera’s revolutionary consumer bed bug solution, is the only US EPA-registered product 100% effective against dust mites, bed bugs and their eggs. PROOF Spray is available at The Home Depot and select Walmart stores across America. Learn more about Terramera and our products: | | |

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