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Gigaphoton Achieves 24-Hour Continuous Operation of EUV Light Source with 60W Average Output

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OYAMA, Japan

Gigaphoton Inc. (headquarters: Oyama-shi, Tochigi-ken; President & CEO: Hitoshi Tomaru), a major lithography light source manufacturer, announced today that it has successfully achieved 24-hour continuous operation of its EUV light source with average output power of 60W on its prototype laser-produced plasma (LPP) light sources, using operating patterns that simulate usage in an high-volume manufacturing (HVM) environment.

This achievement was a result of further advancements in key technologies developed by Gigaphoton, such as Droplet Generators capable of producing tin (Sn) droplets smaller than 20 μm in diameter, the short-wavelength, solid-state pre-pulse laser and main pulse CO2 laser, and debris mitigation technology using high-output superconducting magnets and Sn etching. Gigaphoton is planning to start operation of a high-output pilot unit by the end of 2015, and remains committed to furthering its R&D efforts with goals of achieving continuous operation at 250W output levels, which is considered as a requirement for manufacturing applications such as memory devices.

“This result demonstrates that we are very close to realizing high power, low cost, and stable LPP light sources required by our customers,” said Hitoshi Tomaru, President and CEO of Gigaphoton. “I believe that Gigaphoton’s expertise and efforts to develop the LPP light source will accelerate the development of EUV scanners for HVM. This achievement will also further encourage the industry to employ EUV scanners for their next-generation lithography processes.”

Further details related to this press release will be presented at the 2015 International Symposium on Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography in the Netherlands from October 5 through 7, 2015. Gigaphoton is one of the sponsors of the symposium.

This milestone was achieved as part of a program subsidized by the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO).

About Gigaphoton

Since its founding in 2000, Gigaphoton has been developing and supplying user-friendly, high-performance, DUV laser light sources, for leading semiconductor manufacturers throughout Asia and in parts of the United States and Europe.

Gigaphoton is working to be the number one supplier in the world of excellent lithography light sources, which are required for high-volume manufacturing (HVM) in which productivity and cost/effectiveness are important. Always focusing on the needs of the end users, Gigaphoton aims for the best reliability in the world and for customer support that meets global standards in all areas from research and development through manufacturing.

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