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Gabriel Successfully Commercializes VERSAMID Products

May 6, 2016
By Business Wire News


Gabriel Performance Products (Gabriel), a market leader in epoxy additives and specialty chemical manufacturing, is proud to announce the successful commercialization of the Versamid® product family. Versamid® includes various liquid epoxy curing agents, including reactive polyamides (modified and unmodified), amidoamines and selected modified amine curing agents.

“The recent acquisition of Versamid product family is a significant milestone in Gabriel’s strategy to expand our specialty proprietary product offering within the coatings, adhesives, sealants, and elastomers markets,” said Gabriel Performance Products’ CEO Seth Tomasch. “We are thrilled by the success of our operational start up. All quality parameters and specifications have been met. Most products are in inventory, ready for sampling and order fulfillment.”

Versamid® liquid polyamide resins offer unique combinations of hardness and flexibility along with the highest chemical and solvent resistance of the dimer-based polyamide resin series.

Versamid® cured epoxy resin systems are recommended for applications such as:

• Joint sealants

• NSF potable water coatings

• Patching compounds

• Maintenance coating applications

• Primers

• High solids enamel paint formulations

For additional information about Versamid products and to request samples, please visit our website, You may also contact our customer service department at or call 1-866-800-2436 (CHEM).

About Gabriel Performance Products

Gabriel Performance Products, LLC is a market-leader in epoxy additives and specialty chemical manufacturing. It produces both an extensive line of specialty proprietary products focused on coatings, adhesives, sealants, and elastomers products (CASE) and custom manufactured chemicals utilizing complex chemistries and processes. Gabriel is focused on expanding its epoxy specialty offerings beyond its market-leading mercaptan-based curative technology. For additional information, please visit

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