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Gables Energy Partners Forms New Company, Encina Solutions, LLC

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Gables Energy Partners, LLC today announced ENCINA, a new petrochemicals company. Encina will build, own, and operate small to midsized petrochemical plants in key markets utilizing established technologies. Encina has been formed as a separate company, with David Schwedel serving as lead investor and Executive Director.

“We are currently working with our team on the development of small to mid-sized petrochemical plants that are capable of capturing 100% of the CO2, as well as eliminating sulfur and substantially reducing mercury, from low value coal feedstock through the plant process,” stated Mr. Schwedel. “We are excited to be deploying technology that is designed to extract value from coal while at the same time maintain our commitment to the environment.” He further stated, “Our team is gearing up to manage more than $2 Billion in opportunities over the next several years.”

Encina will rely on established technologies which have a demonstrable track record in nearly every hydrocarbon processing plant worldwide, along with the capability of deploying technologies which can enable 100% CO2 capture.

The company is initially targeting projects in North America, and has plans to expand to the United Kingdom, Germany, and Australia. The company is headquartered in Coral Gables, FL, and has opened representative offices in San Antonio, Texas, Malta, and soon Singapore.

About Gables Energy Partners

Gables Energy is a leading North American energy technology, products, and chemical generation company. We seek to make improvements in the industries we are active in through the application of advanced technologies to better the environment and the lands we are entrusted with.

About Encina Solutions

ENCINA is a petrochemicals and advanced materials company providing solutions to industry. Our business is providing solutions to our customers in key industries. We work with you to solve your greatest challenges.

Encina Solutions, LLC
Aileen Fan, 305-740-5199
David Schwedel, 305-740-5199


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