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Frontier Indoor Garden Solutions announced as Horticultural Supplier and Project Manager for Alaskan Tribal Medical Marijuana Grow Facility

July 30, 2015
By PRN NewsWire

ROGERS, MN, July 30, 2015 /PRNewswire/ – Anything Technologies Media, Inc. (OTC: EXMT) has announced that it’s wholly owned subsidiary, Frontier Indoor Garden Solutions (FIGS), has been announced as both the Horticultural Supplier and the Project Manager for a My Compassion originated medical cannabis facility project with a Native American Group located in Alaska. The project will be funded through My Compassion by one of its finance Teaming Partners. The first phase of the project, is a comprehensive on-site assessment, and determines the human, physical, and natural resources available from the Tribe(s), as well as the needs and requirements of the Tribal Community Members, is set to begin in August of this year. The My Compassion program includes a comprehensive educational program as well as pre-approval from Federal Law Enforcement, the Bureau of Indian Affairs, and state and local government authorities.

As Project Manager and Horticultural Supplier, FIGS will utilize the members of its group, the Cannabis Facility Development Consortium (CFDC), to provide products and services to the project.

The Value of these Products and Services for the Grow Facility are expected to Exceed Several Million Dollars of Gross Revenue for the Company.

More detailed revenue projections are dependent on the results of the on-site assessment and will be available upon conclusion. “It’s been established that FIGS will be the horticultural supplier and point of contact for this project.” said Amish Parikh, My Compassion’s Director of Development: “My Compassion has chosen FIGS to be the Project Manager for all cultivation center facilities.”

Jim Filkins, President of Frontier Indoor Garden Solutions, commented: “This is just one step, although a very important step forward in our business plan. I think it speaks for itself in terms of our future and we have similar announcements ahead.”

About Frontier Indoor Garden Solutions, Inc.Frontier Indoor Garden Solutions, Inc. is a consulting, sales and marketing company focused in the development of commercial indoor medical cannabis facilities and outdoor industrial hemp operations. It specializes in providing all the essential elements for creation of cannabis related economic development projects and programs for Native American Tribes, groups, and organizations, stressing an emphasis on education and medical research. Frontier is the founder and head of the Cannabis Facility Development Consortium, a group of individuals and companies providing specialties in every aspect of the development and operation of cannabis related grow facilities.

About Anything Media Technologies, Anything Technologies Media Inc., is a Multi-Media Digital applications, production and marketing Company. ATM is the parent company of subsidiary Corporations, and is also focused on partnerships and acquisitions in the medical marijuana sector.

About R-Quest Hydroponics,R-Quest Hydroponics, Inc., is a Hardware and Manufacturing Company with its headquarters in Placerville, California. R-Quest Hydroponics, Inc., is focused on the development of new nutrient products, and the manufacturing and construction of growing facilities to enhance growing efficiency for Hydroponic plant growth. R-Quest is also is involved in developing and testing new technologies for this market space. 51% of R-Quest Hydroponics was acquired by IMD Companies Inc., (OTC: ICBU). .

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