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FreshRealm Announces West Coast Launch of Terra’s Kitchen Featuring Farm-Fresh Meals Prepped and Delivered to Front Door

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FreshRealm LLC, a delivery and business platform for the perishable food industry, announced today the launch of its new merchant in the West Coast, Terra’s Kitchen. Together, the two companies will deliver farm-fresh ingredients for ready-to-cook, chef-designed recipes in FreshRealm’s proprietary, climate-controlled Vessel.

The Vessel, an innovative shipping container that keeps fresh food at refrigerated levels of 33 to 41 degrees Fahrenheit until the late evening of delivery without disposable packaging materials is the most robust thermal solution on the market. The new technology enables FreshRealm’s national clients, including Terra’s Kitchen and Nutrisystem, to ship perishable foods to customers through common carrier delivery methods, and without the worry of the food being delivered out of temperature specification. This new approach dramatically reduces distribution time and food waste while offering fresher, healthier, better tasting food delivered direct to customers.

“We don’t need to rebuild the food industry to make it better, we just need to connect it more efficiently,” said Michael Lippold, CEO of FreshRealm. “After several years of development, we have uncovered the most effective way to do this, connecting the food-making and shipping industries – directly reaching homes, offices and stores. Our focus is creating the safest, easiest and most fresh food delivery system for national businesses by connecting the people who pack, deliver, market and consume fresh food with advanced technology and innovation. We are thrilled for Terra’s Kitchen to be working along side us in this mission.”

After spending over two years in development and beta, the Vessel has been optimized to ensure maximum freshness, efficiency and durability. Its modular design is optimized for efficient packing, full-circle tracking and unparalleled food protection that allows for nationwide brands and businesses to ship a wide variety of perishable foods, including cooked and raw protein, fresh cut fruits and vegetables, meal kits and fully prepped fresh meals. Contrary to environmentally harsh disposable single use shipping methods, the FreshRealm Vessel is designed to be easily picked up from the shopper, sanitized and reused.

Terra’s Kitchen customers – from San Diego up to Portland – can log on to to select from a menu of seasonal recipes, designed by Terra’s Kitchen chefs. Once signed up, shoppers can add, swap or remove recipes and then await their Vessel delivery, which holds up to ten dinner servings (with five different recipes, ready for the skillet). The Terra’s Kitchen news follows FreshRealm’s launch of its first food merchant, Nutrisystem (

FreshRealm has plans to rollout new merchants in the coming quarters and throughout the nation this year. For more information visit

About FreshRealm

FreshRealm is honored to present a new vision for food distribution. FreshRealm is a delivery platform built to bring fresh food to the masses by connecting makers, packers, carriers, merchants and shoppers. This reimagination of the food ecosystem dramatically reduces food waste and eradicates fresh food deserts nationwide. FreshRealm is made possible by a temperature-controlled reusable shipping Vessel and B2B2C cloud-based technology. At the core of the business is a message of gratitude for the food we eat, the people we connect with and the gifts of daily life. More information at

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