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Fonon Corporation’s FUSION™ Technology Incorporates Industry’s First Additive Manufacturing Laser Optimized For 3D Metal Printing Systems

May 20, 2015
By Business Wire News


Fonon Corporation’s (“Fonon”) (OTCQB:MBMI) 3D Additive Manufacturing laser empowers end-users with improved laser management practices to control product density and specification while reducing build rate cycle times. Standard 3D metal printing systems that incorporate Fiber lasers exhibiting a Gaussian shaped power density profile are unable to adequately control the uniform melting of NANO-powders. Fluctuating laser power during operation directly impacts quality control management of density. Fonon’s high-frequency laser provides a flat, uniform power density ensuring the metal powders are melted with no variation during the build cycle.

Click-Here for representative power density profiles.

Higher laser wattages typically equate to larger beam spot sizes that are undesirable for end-user’s production control of specification tolerances yet directly relates to faster processing speeds. Fonon’s 1KW laser is 95% scalable combining the benefits of faster processing speeds with the ability for end-users to control the beam spot size during critical areas of the build layer.

About Fonon Corporation

Fonon Corporation is the recognized leader of industrial-grade 3D Additive and Subtractive laser-based material processing systems. Our systems are used world-wide in the semiconductor, flat panel display, automotive, aerospace, industrial, defense, electronic and medical industries with a portfolio of intellectual property, knowhow & inventions placing our company in the unique position to offer both standard 3D material processing systems or our specialty of tooling 3D laser-based transforming systems designed around the unique applications of our customers.

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