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FLEXcon Shares Insights on Developments and Safety Guidelines in Nanotechnology

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FLEXcon, an innovator in adhesive coating and laminating, hosted a New England Nanotechnology Association (NENA) event to discuss the newest industry developments and to share information regarding safety initiatives.

The event brought together members of NENA, an association committed to sharing information, energy, and ideas for fostering nanotechnology innovation, commercialization and economic prosperity to benefit both the people and environment of New England. Attendees learned about FLEXcon’s existing commercial activities in nanotechnology and participated in a discussion about an emerging area of innovation – coating and converting carbon nanotubes. In addition, the event addressed best practices for manufacturers looking to generate safe guidelines for new areas of nanotechnology, specifically providing information on working with the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), the non-regulatory consultant to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

“We were honored to host this event, which provided an opportunity to share our recent developments and experiences within the nanotechnology industry,” said John Forster, Vice President, Corporate Development, FLEXcon. “As a board member of NENA, we are committed to facilitating collaboration regarding the latest innovations and challenges. As this field continues to grow, it will remain vital to meet with individuals across all facets of the nanotechnology industry and to share ongoing insights.”

An overview of FLEXcon’s commercial nanotechnology products was presented to attendees by Bill Sullivan, Vice President, Performance Products, FLEXcon. The event included discussions about key industry trends, focusing on the evolving study of biomimicry within the nanotechnology field. Attendees came to a consensus regarding the ongoing potential for advancements in this study of nanotechnology that mimics the microstructures found in nature. Further discussion centered on the applications of these advancements within the manufacturing industry, and how biomimicry nanoscale technology can be used to mitigate the risk of MRSA and other bacterial transfer surfaces, with products like FLEXcon’s Sharklet™ SafeTouch Applications technology, which is used for environments such as food preparation, hospitals and public bathrooms. In addition, Darwin Irish, Director, Risk Management, FLEXcon, discussed FLEXcon’s recent experiences converting carbon nanotubes in a roll-to-roll process, including work the company did with NIOSH to assist EPA in generating safety guidelines for this emerging area of nanotechnology. Attendees gained knowledge of how similar processes can be replicated to improve safety across the industry.

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About NENA

NENA is in its fourth year and has over 75 active members (thus far) who are interested in the emerging field of nanotechnology. It includes individuals from: both the public and private sector; government regulators, legislators, and elected officials; nanotechnology businesses and business executives; NGO’s, community groups and community leaders; colleges and universities; faculty and students; researchers and scientists; entrepreneurs and engineers; service professionals and investors; all of whom shall share information, energy, and ideas for fostering nanotechnology innovation, commercialization and economic prosperity to benefit both the people and the environment of New England. NENA also collaborates and communicates with similar organizations in other regions of the United States, and around the globe, in order to promote shared objectives.

About FLEXcon

FLEXcon is a global leader in coated and laminated films and adhesives used in graphics applications, manufactured goods and new products. For over 60 years, FLEXcon has provided a collaborative, consultative approach to deliver unique solutions that help customers achieve better business results. FLEXcon is a trusted partner to a wide range of companies from printers and fabricators to engineers and designers developing products for existing and emerging markets. Headquartered in Spencer, Mass., the company has operations throughout North America and Europe with distribution worldwide. For more information, visit, follow FLEXcon on Twitter @FLEXcon, or call 1-508-885-8200.

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