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Evoqua Named 2015 Membrane Filtration Company of the Year by Frost & Sullivan

November 30, 2015
By Business Wire News


Evoqua Water Technologies’ Memcor business has been named 2015 Asia Pacific Membrane Filtration Company of the Year by prestigious growth consulting firm Frost & Sullivan. Part of the Frost & Sullivan Asia Pacific Best Practices Awards, the recognition is based on Evoqua’s extensive 30-year history of innovation and customer focus around the world.

“Spanning across multiple applications, Evoqua’s achievements with its Memcor® membranes are the result of best practices that focus on quality and environmental sustainability in Evoqua’s approach to product, people, and process,” said Jonathan Leong, Frost & Sullivan Research Associate.

“The Memcor group’s experience in water treatment and its remarkable brand recognition have allowed Evoqua to establish itself across major APAC countries such as Singapore, Korea, the Philippines and China. With a dynamic product portfolio capable of competing in various end-user sectors, Evoqua is on the right track in strengthening its position as a leader in membrane technologies.”

Evoqua acknowledged that the award reflects a strong commitment to customers in the Asia Pacific region. “We’ve been here for a long time. We work hard to understand the needs of customers in this region, and our Asia Pacific network delivers solutions that meet those needs now and for years to come,” said Govindan Alagappan, Evoqua’s Director of Sales & Operations, Asia.

Technologies address global scarcity & pollution challenges

A key factor in the award was the success of Evoqua’s Memcor® brand of filtration technologies in meeting the acute water needs of the many underdeveloped and rural communities in the Asia Pacific region.

According to Leong, “The compact size and light physical load of products like the Memcor® CP II Ultrafiltration System cut operating costs for customers and adapt well to the space-constrained settings that prevail in the Asia Pacific Region.”

About the Frost & Sullivan Asia Pacific Best Practices Awards

Evoqua’s award was one of 40 recipients of the 2015 Frost & Sullivan Asia Pacific Best Practices Awards. Recipients were identified based on in-depth research conducted by Frost & Sullivan’s analysts. Shortlisted companies were evaluated on a variety of actual market performance indicators which include revenue growth; market share and growth in market share; leadership in product innovation; marketing strategy and business development strategy. For more details on the 2015 Asia Pacific Best Practices Awards visit

About Evoqua

Evoqua Water Technologies is the global leader in helping municipalities and industrial customers protect and improve the world’s most fundamental natural resource: water. Evoqua has a more than 100-year heritage of innovation and industry firsts, market-leading expertise, and unmatched customer service, where it continues to transform water and wastewater. Its cost-effective and reliable treatment systems and services ensure uninterrupted quantity and quality of water, enable regulatory and environmental compliance, increase efficiency through water reuse, and prepare customers for next-generation demands.

Evoqua’s unparalleled portfolio of proven brands, advanced technologies, mobile and emergency water supply solutions and service helps cities across the world provide and discharge clean water, and enable leisure and commercial industry to maximize productivity and profitability.

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