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ESI to Unveil New GemStoneTM Laser Processing System at CPCA Show in Shanghai

March 10, 2015
By Business Wire News


Electro Scientific Industries, Inc. (Nasdaq:ESIO), an innovator in laser-based manufacturing solutions for the microtechnology industry, today announced it will formally introduce the new ESI® GemStoneTM FLX Series 1 Laser Processing System March 17-19 at the CPCA (China Printed Circuit Association) Exhibition in Shanghai. The new system, which incorporates an ESI-manufactured fiber laser, has already been purchased by customers in Europe and Japan for advanced interconnect manufacturing applications.

The new GemStoneTM system expands the industry-leading 53XXTM UV laser processing family to include ESI’s proprietary laser technology. The 53XXTM family has become the solution of choice for critical-path via drilling in the flexible circuits production process. Over 1200 ESI® laser processing systems are installed worldwide, including at nine of the top 10 flexible circuit manufacturers. Driven in part by consumer demand for smaller and lighter devices, interconnect manufacturers are continually looking for ways to reduce cost and improve quality while the industry moves to thinner panels and smaller vias. GemStoneTM systems meet these needs by integrating ESI’s internally developed and manufactured high-power, high-repetition-rate fiber laser technology with the fastest beam positioning in the industry, yielding the best cost-of-ownership and manufacturing quality for even the toughest applications in the flex and rigid-flex market.

“The ESI Model 5335 family has been the industry standard for laser processing across the flexible circuit and interconnect industry for many years. With GemStoneTM, we’re taking that accumulated knowledge and combining patented beam positioning with an exciting and enabling new laser technology to best meet our customers’ evolving needs,” said Edward C. Grady, chief executive officer of ESI. “As reflected by orders we’ve already received, we’re confident that GemStoneTM, combined with the 5335TM family, will continue our industry leadership in this segment.”

Improved productivity

A major advantage of the GemStoneTM FLX Series of systems is increased productivity, leading to significant per-panel cost savings and higher throughput. The productivity gains of GemStoneTM systems are achieved through high average power and high repetition rates, as well as the use of ESI’s exclusive GemPulse™ laser optimization technology for more efficient laser-material interaction.

To reduce heat-affected zones, GemStoneTM systems also utilize ESI’s patented industry-leading Third Dynamics™ beam positioning technology that allows for more precise, faster movements in small features as well as for faster placement of pulses. This means that GemStoneTM systems can process delicate or challenging materials requiring shorter pulse width and higher peak power for optimum results.

The customers who have placed orders for GemStoneTM systems are in the process of creating new production processes for advanced flexible circuits and medical devices.

Attendees at the CPCA Show can learn more about GemStoneTM FLX Series 1 systems and the rest of the 5335TM family by visiting ESI representative WKK in booth 1G42. Now in its 24th year, the CPCA Show will be held March 17-19 at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre. The show is expected to attract more than 50,000 attendees and features more than 500 exhibiting companies.


GemStoneTM systems are available now worldwide. For more information go to:

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