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ePIPE® Provides Solution for Hong Kong’s Toxic Lead-Contaminated Water

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Pipe Restoration Technologies (PRT), a world-leading pipe lining innovator and manufacturer, announced today that its patented ePIPE® epoxy coating technology has been provided as a positive solution to solve Hong Kong’s toxic lead contamination of parts of its clean water distribution system. This decision prompted the deployment of an ePIPE team in Hong Kong as the newest ePIPE licensee.

Hong Kong made international headlines in 2015 when it was discovered that approximately 30,000 units of public housing, an undisclosed number of private houses and schools showed excessively dangerous levels of lead in the drinking water when tested at the tap. These tests showed that lead levels ranged from 15 to 60 times the limit deemed safe by the government (10 ug/l).

The Hong Kong government immediately searched for solutions to bring the harmful lead leaching process into compliance. It was commonly reported that Hong Kong’s Housing Chief said in November that it would take more than a year to replace all of the drinking water pipes that were causing the lead contamination.

“A government cannot afford to wait years to solve a lead contamination crisis, especially when there is a global public outcry for an immediate fix,” Pipe Restoration Technologies CEO Larry Gillanders said. “Lead is a dangerous toxin and no amount of lead is safe for human consumption. Hong Kong’s Water Supplies Department reached out to their construction contractors for an answer, and they suggested the ePIPE in-place pipe lining technology.”

Gillanders traveled to Hong Kong to meet with the water department and its construction contractors and discuss the ePIPE technology and how it could solve the region’s lead contamination problems. The ePIPE process creates a protective epoxy barrier coating within water pipe systems that prevents water from touching the pipes, preventing lead leaching. Mock ups were created and a demo was conducted in Hong Kong. A Hong Kong ePIPE licensee was recently created and stocked with a trained crew and the latest equipment.

About Pipe Restoration Technologies, LLC:

PRT is the parent company of the ePIPE product and worldwide group of installers that utilize the patented ePIPE process to restore pipes in-place. An alternative to a destructive repipe, this process is achieved using an application of an epoxy barrier coating, which results in a restored, epoxy lined piping system. The process provides a remedy for pinhole leaks, epoxy lining, corrosion control and prevention of lead leaching from pipes without the destruction or disruption encountered by pipe replacements. PRT and its affiliated companies have locations throughout the United States, United Kingdom, Belgium, Spain, Mexico and Hong Kong. For more information, contact PRT at or (888) 775-0220.

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