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ENMORE: 6th Global Ethanol Focus in Beijing, China

August 3, 2015
By Business Wire News


ENMORE (formerly CBI CHINA) will hold a flagship event, the 6th Global Ethanol Focus, in Beijing, China on September 15th-16th. The conference will bring market players including ethanol feedstock supplier, producers, traders, downstream users and also government officials to Beijing, the modern yet antiquated capital city of China.

The conference will:

Trace Ethanol Feedstock and Biomass suppliers

With the ongoing currency devaluation in Brazil, how will the sugar industry be affected? Meanwhile, will the corn price rise as the state reserve agency starts its annual purchase?

Forecast Ethanol production & trade trends, navigate hot markets and track new opportunities

With the escalated proportion of ethanol in ethanol gasoline, will Brazil well manage risk in the ethanol market by raising tax on imported US ethanol? Driven by the enhanced mandate and local demand from the chemical sector, India, Vietnam and the Philippines are expanding local capacity – does this mean possibility of ethanol export in Southeast Asia?

Present global outlook for renewable energy development with focus on China

China’s undenatured ethanol import from Pakistan soared to 33,800 tons in H1 2015. Chinese state-owned enterprises have been importing ethanol fuel.

The following topics will be discussed:

1. Position of Bio-ethanol in Renewable Fuel and Implementation of Policies

2. Volatile Crude Oil Market and Its Effects on Fuel Industry

3. Seeing Ethanol Potentials in Renewable Energy Context in and beyond US

4. POLICIES — Chinese Policies on Renewable Fuel


  • Factors influencing ethanol and renewable development including methanol/ethanol/biodiesel mandates
  • Good examples from US and Europe
  • Potentials in Asia and other regions and what needs to be done

5. Feedstock Competitiveness: corn and ethanol in US and China

6. Volatile Feedstock Pricing for Sugar & Molasses

7. Outlook for Cassava Production and Trade

8. Analysis on Ethanol Supply for Indian Market and Opportunities

9. Global Supply and Trade — Brazil and Europe

10. 2G Cellulosic Ethanol Development


  • How 2G ethanol became a mainstream fuel with examples in US/Europe
  • Pros & cons for 2G ethanol with focus on investment concerns
  • 2G ethanol chain from biomass, pretreatment, MSW to Bio-products

11. Challenges and Opportunities- Overview and Outlook of China’s Ethanol Situation

12. Ethanol Market in India in Chemical Application and Updates on all-India 5%: Obstacles and Prospects

13. Pakistan Ethanol Supply and Demand — New Production, New Market, New Opportunities

14. Ethyl Acetate Usage

15. Demand from Japan and Korea


  • World production and trade flow in near future
  • Factors affecting international market from currency and policy perspectives
  • Major markets: US & Brazil, Pakistan & Europe, Japan & Korea, SEA
  • Will logistics help ethanol enlarge its market share worldwide?

Please email to to check on speaker lineup and participants confirmed so far.

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