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Electric Vehicle Manufacturer Mullen Technologies, Inc. Gearing Up to Compete With Tesla and Faraday Future With Expanding Group of Experts

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Mullen Technologies, Inc., a pre-IPO car manufacturer and distributor, has announced the hiring of Mr. Paul Saluzzi as Chief Operating Officer.

Mr. Saluzzi is a 20-year veteran of the financial industry, most recently as the Global Director of Friends & Family Program for IPOs at Merrill Lynch for 16 years. An undeniable expert in public offering and mergers & acquisitions, Mr. Saluzzi has supervised over 2000 IPOs in his career. Including the management of private equity firms for Merrill Lynch, Mr. Saluzzi personally managed IPOs for dozens of clients, most notably: NetFlix, HerbaLife, Hertz, Dream Works, and BlackStone Group. Mr. Saluzzi has an incredible database of contacts and works in the highest level of the financial industry. Mr. Saluzzi is a graduate of the University of Miami.

“Today begins a new era in the evolution, advancement and expansion of Mullen Technologies, Inc.’s quest to become the largest electric car manufacturer and distributor in the world,” states Mr. David Michery, CEO of Mullen Technologies, Inc. “Mr. Paul Saluzzi, with his 16 years of experience at Merrill Lynch, along with his expertise of the public markets and connections to some of the most powerful individuals on earth, gives Mullen a competitive edge and window of opportunity to expand its enterprise on a global level.”

Mullen Technologies, Inc., has also announced the hiring of Mr. Gary Rosenzweig as Executive Vice-President.

For the past 17 years, Mr. Rosenzweig has worked with public and private companies in acquisitions, distribution, production development and various operating integrations, as President and Producer of Rosensweig Co. Mr. Rosenzweig has forged solid relationships with world renowned marketing and advertising entities, such as: Grey Advertising, Saatchi & Saatchi, Bloom, ITN, Carrot, Hudson Media, McCann Ericson, Comcast Cable, Cablevision Systems, Sprint, Verizon, AT&T, Warner Bros, Bell Labs/Alcatel Lucent, Major League Baseball, NBA films, NFL films, HBO, Future Media Concepts and many others.

Mr. Rosenzweig is a graduate of Rutgers University and holds several licenses from FINRA as a registered broker/dealer. Mr. Rosenzweig will operate in the newly formed Mullen Manhattan Financial Center in New York.

“Mr. Rosenzweig is a key element to the success of Mullen and we are proud to have him on our team,” states Mr. David Michery, CEO of Mullen Technologies, Inc. “One of Mr. Rosenzweig’s primary responsibilities will be to properly express the quality of our vehicle line, the business model to compete with Tesla, and expose the benefits of investing in Mullen’s plans compared to start-up companies like Faraday Future. Mullen relies on honest and fair ideals and common sense business practices to bring the best valued product to the American consumer.”

Mullen Technologies, Inc. is a California based pre-IPO Electric Vehicle (EV) manufacturer and international distributor of high tech, zero emission vehicles. The Company aims at solving the significant environmental problem caused by gasoline powered vehicles and providing a variety of affordable, electric cars to the American market and the entire world market. Currently, the Company manufactures a proprietary USDOT certified four-door electric sedan. The company is in negotiations with several international vehicle manufacturers to develop joint ventures to bring quality, cost effective vehicles to the United States for certification and distribution.

Mullen Technologies, Inc. is committed to not only low cost, high quality product, but to being a fiscally responsible organization that values good business sense and refuses to spend indiscriminately or irresponsibly.

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