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D’Sapone Arrived in Oklahoma with Tile, Grout and Stone Restoration Re-Envisioned

May 27, 2016
By Business Wire News

TULSA, Okla.

D’Sapone has opened its new branch in Oklahoma to overcome all the issues related to stone, tile and grout. Their artists perform various jobs with the best quality products from pFOkUS to offer longevity and a 5 year warranty for shower and floor restorations. For more information, visit their local website,

D’Sapone only applies the exquisitely designed cleaners and sealers manufactured from pFOkUS. Both of these companies tied up in 2015 to eliminate tile, stone and grout issues for a long time with highly trained artists and excellent products.

Spilling the beans about the products used by D’Sapone:

Imperia – deep cleaner

D’Sapone’s artists clean the surface with Imperia, which is designed to effectively remove soap scum, stains, light hard water deposits, soil and bacteria. It penetrates deep down to thoroughly clean stone, tile and grout.

Caponi – grout sealer

Then, they apply titanium grout protection sealer, Caponi. Based on the color of tile and grout they pigment this product to give a classy aspect for any surface. Penetrating into the grout, Caponi offers no discoloration, peeling or staining. It is a revolutionary grout sealer for wet or dry settings.

Sentura – flexible filler

If there is a cracked tile issue, then D’Sapone can repair it with Sentura, a 2 part solvent resin/epoxy filler. A palette with more than 40 different colors can be matched to the color of any tile and grout. Sentura gives a natural look to the floor and wall with its thinnest lines.

Apart from this, Sentura is used instead of caulk in showers. Caulk peels and gives birth to molds and stains, while Sentura offers chemical resistant and waterproofed corners to stop the occurrence of mold for a long time.

Celine – clear topical sealer

D’Sapone uses Celine, an oil based sealer that soaks deep into the stone and grout to keep them safe from stains and raise the beauty of the stone. It protects marble, slate and travertine.

Repela-Bond – penetrating sealer

Just like Celine, Repela-Bond also penetrates very deep with its molecular formulation, while allowing D’Sapone to offer a natural appearance for the stone.

Zido – efflorescence remover

Efflorescence damages the shower by clogging drains and growing over tile and grout, and causing tile to even crack. D’Sapone packs Zido in its arsenal to overcome this issue. This chemical is especially designed to eliminate all efflorescence over and beneath the surface. It goes within the tile to attack the salts giving birth to efflorescence.

Benaz – water dot remover

This product is mainly used to remove all mineral deposits on any tile or tub surface. Benaz also offers a clear resolution for shower glass by removing all water spots and etching.

Valore – maintenance cleaner and sealer

After restoring tile, grout, stone and glass, D’Sapone recommends their customers to maintain their showers and tiled floors with Valore, which allow them to offer a 5 year restoration warranty.

About D’Sapone

Established in 2005, D’Sapone’s vision is to impart the astonishing tile, grout, glass and natural stone restoration services. Based in Atlanta, D’Sapone now has made its presence in Florida, New York and Oklahoma.

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