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DIPRA Leaders Earn Renowned Sustainability Professional Credentials from the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure

September 17, 2015
By Business Wire News


The Ductile Iron Pipe Research Association (DIPRA) is proud to announce that DIPRA leaders L. Gregg Horn, Vice President for Technical Services, and Regional Engineers Paul Hanson, Norm DeAgostinis and Allen Cox have earned the Envision Sustainability Professional Credential presented by the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure. Horn, Hanson, DeAgostinis and Cox reached a significant level of professional recognition, “indicating a proficiency in addressing triple bottom line sustainability dimensions in design, construction, and operation of an infrastructure project.”

DIPRA’s support for its staff in pursuing this certification demonstrates its member companies’ dedication to sustainable production and business practices. A century ago, our country’s water systems were created using iron pipe. Now, modern Ductile Iron Pipe is strong, durable, and designed for a minimum average service life of 100 years. It is an environmentally preferable product, in part, due to its recycled content, its capacity to save energy over its service life and the commitment of the industry to improve the sustainability of Ductile Iron Pipe.

“Everything that we care about as a society is intimately linked to our civil infrastructure—our personal security, public health, economic well-being and quality of life. Envision is a tool that helps us assure that this critical infrastructure is sustainable,” said Bill Bertera, President and CEO of the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure. “Knowing how best to use this tool through the ISI Credentialing Program is an investment in the future…one that provides tangible benefits to DIPRA, but more importantly, to the clients they serve. It is also a sign of real leadership and commitment, on the part of the company and its professional staff, in achieving sustainable communities.”

Horn, Hanson, DeAgostinis and Cox will now be referred to as ENV Sustainability Professionals (ENV SPs) and are trained to use the Envision sustainable infrastructure rating system. Envision™ offers a framework for rating the environmental, economic, and public benefits of various infrastructure projects. Infrastructure projects of all sizes and types are considered and assessed for sustainability factors over their life cycle.

“By becoming ENV SPs, Horn, Hanson, DeAgostinis and Cox will continue to offer their expertise as an integral part of DIPRA. They will help guide our entire team in detailing sustainability accomplishments, submitting any relevant projects for recognition, and maintaining a high level commitment to sustainability,” said Jon R. Runge, CAE, President of DIPRA.

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