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DEWALT Wins Vision Critical’s North American Insight Community of the Year Award for DEWALT Insights

October 29, 2015
By Business Wire News

VANCOUVER, British Columbia

Vision Critical, the leading customer intelligence platform provider, has named DEWALT the winner of Vision Critical’s North American Insight Community of the Year (ICOTY) award for DEWALT Insights. Awarded at the annual 2015 Vision Critical North American Summit in Chicago, Illinois, DEWALT was selected by event attendees for being innovative and inspiring in its regular engagement with customers to better inform the product development lifecycle, from idea generation and validation to go-to-market strategies, commercialization and market feedback.

Vision Critical North American Summit attendees selected DEWALT for DEWALT Insights, its Insight Community of more than 10,000 customers. This year’s finalists also included digital experience platform leader Adobe and American Spanish-language communications network Univision Communications Inc.

Comments on the News:

  • “Understanding how a global enterprise company like DEWALT can materially impact the trajectory of its products and business based on insight learned through Vision Critical’s platform is incredibly inspiring,” said Andrew Reid, founder and president of corporate innovation at Vision Critical. “This year’s finalists, including Adobe and Univision Communications Inc., all presented impressive examples of how companies can make confident decisions based on ongoing insight from an engaged community of customers. DEWALT has been able to use its highly qualified community members to provide valuable, honest insight that allows it to confidently release the safest, top performing products.”
  • “Being recognized by our peers in the customer intelligence space for the insight we deliver is incredibly rewarding,” said Shannon Chenoweth, market research manager at DEWALT. “The award is a validation of the commitment at DEWALT to employ the insight we gather from Vision Critical’s Sparq platform at the highest levels of the company, including product development, external communications and business strategy.”

DEWALT leverages its engaged Insight Community members to guarantee its products are always created and displayed with the end-user in mind. DEWALT Insights was created to bring customers into the product development journey earlier, allowing the process to become more iterative and less static. The Insight Community has allowed DEWALT to replace traditional methods of customer research, which are often impersonal, expensive and time consuming, with a continuous conversation that benefits both customers and the company. DEWALT relies on its Insight Community to inform all aspects of product development, from idea submission through product release, and community members are eager to participate because they want to improve the products they use on a day to day basis.

For example, prior to the launch of its new premium yellowtop battery, DEWALT’s team recognized there was potential for packaging confusion. Knowing that succinct and clear packaging is vital to the success of a product, DEWALT engaged its Insight Community to research numbering and labeling on the premium battery package. With the insight learned from community members, DEWALT was able to make the appropriate packaging changes and successfully launch in the marketplace. Additionally, DEWALT has used its Insight Community to develop a new standard for product packaging. In order to avoid extensive multi-language information on packages, the company has moved to an icon system to remove barriers for consumers. DEWALT Insights was used to obtain feedback on what icons needed improvement and what could be done to better communicate product features and benefits. The Insight Community enables DEWALT to engage customers quickly, efficiently and continuously to keep the customer at the center of every decision.

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