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Degree Controls, Inc. Introduces Next-Generation Touch-Screen Airflow Monitor for Laminar and Chemical Fume Hoods.

July 14, 2015
By Business Wire News


DegreeC expands its airflow safety platform with the first touchscreen alarm monitor on the market for chemical fume hoods and laminar flow cabinets. The RoosterTM Monitor100 is a next-generation alarming and monitoring solution with a robust feature set tailored to meet the diverse needs of laboratory technicians, EH&S personnel and laboratory certifiers in the field. Building upon the turnkey quality and ease-of-use that the RoosterTM platform is known for, the RoosterTM Monitor100 makes airflow safety easier than ever. With its full color LCD touch screen, displayed airflow values, and highly intuitive user interface, the RoosterTM platform is the premier safety solution for workstations where a chemical or laminar flow hood is utilized. The DegreeC engineering team consulted with industry experts and relied upon customer feedback to provide the market with a highly configurable airflow monitor built for optimal user experience and maximum safety in the field where it counts most.

The Monitor100 model allows users to configure alarm behaviors including delay, latching, ringback, night setback and display preferences including preferred units of measurement, asset tagging and airflow resolution. Password-protected access tiers ensure greater safety in a range of laboratory environments by limiting access to critical functions and system settings to specific, authorized users. For quick installation in a single or dual-walled cabinet setup, the RoosterTM Monitor100 is ideal for bringing older systems into compliance. With the included quick start card and intuitive graphical interface, users will require little to no training to get the Monitor100 operational and fully integrated with their building management systems. To ensure that customers benefit from the full range of performance enhancements DegreeC releases in future builds, a convenient USB communication port for automatic software updates is included.

For OEM’s, laboratory certifiers and facility managers alike, the fully-featured RoosterTM Monitor100 offers the critical containment market space an innovative solution optimized for end-user experience with enough versatility to be designed into any chemical fume hood or laminar flow cabinet architecture. For decades, industry leaders have relied on DegreeC engineering to deliver solutions for measurement and management of airflow in mission-critical applications where precision and repeatability matter most.

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