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DasEgg: Unique Indoor Greenhouse Combines German Design and Engineering

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A group of technology and plant experts has developed a fully automatic indoor greenhouse. DasEgg combines design and technology in a unique way. For producing it in large numbers, the group uses crowdfunding to find supporters worldwide.

DasEgg is a mini-greenhouse with a state of the art control unit. (Photo: Business Wire)

DasEgg is a mini-greenhouse with a state of the art control unit. (Photo: Business Wire)

Plant lovers who travel a lot would like to have their green favorites being cared for in the best way possible during their absence. The developers of DasEgg could not find an indoor greenhouse which ensured the independent supervision of demanding plants. Therefore, they decided to develop it themselves.

The team began working together in 2014 in the Cologne / Dusseldorf region. The five experts are covering different areas concerning the development of DasEgg such as design, electronics, finance, planning and aspects regarding the plants.

Fully automatic control and distinctive design

A mini-greenhouse in this shape is unique, because it resembles a giant egg. It is a great and beautiful design object that fits perfectly into every surrounding. DasEgg contains a state of the art control unit. Sensors can determine data to adjust light, temperature, water supply and relative humidity, depending on the needs of the plant. All processes are automatically controlled.

The special energy saving LED panels can be set digitally and offer an individual light spectrum which is continuously adjustable. Therefore DasEgg is also a good solution when the environmental conditions in a room – such as light, temperature or humidity – are not sufficient for a plant.

The use of DasEgg is simple. Its door, if wished with a transparent viewing window, opens with one click. The water tank is easy to use and provides enough water for many days. DasEgg can be controlled from anywhere with a smartphone. It even allows a look at the plant while travelling, due to a camera inside. Further accessories are an activated carbon filter to neutralize odors, and a pollen filter.

Help on the way to production

DasEgg can now be produced in greater numbers, after a year of planning. The developers hope to raise the required finances through crowd funding. Supporters have the opportunity to get perks or one of the high-tech greenhouses via They can also participate soon in a plant database or they follow the project on, Twitter or Facebook.

Das Egg
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