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June 7, 2016
By Business Wire News


Merchant Research & Consulting, Ltd. informs that new research reports, covering various chemical markets, have been recently added at its website.

New Chemical Markets Research Reports Include:

Graphite: 2016 World Market Review and Forecast. The rise in global demand for graphite, coupled with tight supply, will remain the dominant trend on the global graphite market in the nearest future. The demand is driven by steady interest demonstrated by graphite-consuming sectors, mainly steel makers and Li-ion battery producers. For instance, Tesla Motors announced plans to construct the biggest lithium-ion battery factory in the world, which is likely to boost the demand for graphite. The supply curtailment is expected as China restricts exports of various minerals and restructures its graphite mining and manufacturing operations in an effort to diminish pollution. For instance, China has recently suspended 55 graphite operations in Shandong province. Such policy will persevere as the country mulls the possibility of shutting down more graphite mines and processing plants.

Polycarbonate (PC): 2016 World Market Outlook and Forecast up to 2020. The global polycarbonate market is unlikely to demonstrate large growth in 2016. The upstream and downstream markets for polycarbonate remain highly volatile, with weak energy prices and ample feedstock inventories, coupled with moderate or ebbing demand in many polycarbonate-consuming sectors, like CD manufacture. The macroeconomic situation in different parts of the world (China, Russia, etc) will hardly be good enough to trigger polycarbonate demand boost. China’s economic slowdown will have significant implications for the global polycarbonate market since Asia Pacific already is the largest polycarbonate market worldwide, representing more than half of the global market. Russia, marked by decrease in purchasing power and economic unbalances, faces tough challenges ahead, and despite polycarbonate production rise in Q1 2016 is unlikely to fare large growth rate by the end of the year.

Propylene Glycol (PG): 2016 World Market Outlook and Forecast up to 2020. Traditional feedstock for propylene glycol has been of petrochemical origin, but production of naturally sourced bio-based propylene glycol has become a recent trend of the so-called green chemistry. Companies like BioChem Technology Group, Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM) and Oleon NV manufacture propylene glycol from renewable resources. The major benefit of such products is significant reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions (by up to 80%) when compared to standard propylene glycol. The abundant availability of crude glycerin and rising concerns over GHG impacts make the bio-based propylene glycol a cost-effective substitute for its petrochemical sibling. However, economic uncertainty, as well as the lack of focus and determination in public policy and decision making stymie the development of multiple green initiatives, like further proliferation of bio-propylene glycol. The above-mentioned companies will definitely need an external impetus, possibly in the form of financial incentives, to boost the production of green chemicals.

Soda Ash: 2016 World Market Outlook and Forecast up to 2020. India has recently become a target of dumping operations involving soda ash imports, which threatened the domestic soda ash market and specifically its local manufacturers. The key soda ash producers on the Indian market include the following companies: Tata Chemicals, GHCL, DCW, Nirma Ltd., and Tuticorin Alkali Chemicals & Fertilisers Ltd (TAC). Soda ash at dumping prices has been shipped from China, Kenya, Pakistan and some other countries. Following the investigation, the Indian antidumping authorities had to impose the provisional antidumping duties on imports of soda ash from China to India. This measure has not been welcomed by all manufacturing sectors. For instance, the Indian glass manufacturing industry, which is a key soda ash consuming sector, immediately experienced price spike. That is why the All India Glass Manufactures Federation called for the abolishment of the customs duty on imports of soda ash to India.

Salt: 2016 World Market Review and Forecast. The global salt market will demonstrate a steady growth at around 3-3.5% per year in the nearest future, driven by robust development of the chemical sector and numerous other salt-consuming areas. Asia Pacific, particularly China, will remain the largest salt-consuming region with the highest growth rates in the world. These positive prospects of the Asian salt market are reflected in the strategies of various international companies. For example, K+S, which has huge experience in mining and processing mineral raw materials, has purchased mining licenses for the Ashburton salt project, which will be launched in Australia possibly in 2022 and will have a capacity of manufacturing 3.5 million tonnes of salt per year. The main consumer of this salt will be the Chinese chemical sector.

Many other trustworthy insightful research studies exploring various chemical markets are available at Merchant Research & Consulting website.

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