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Cummins Allison: Meet Customer Service Goals with Self-Service Coin

December 1, 2015
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According to a recent study by Nielsen, 61% of shoppers believe that going to the grocery store is an enjoyable and engaging experience. And 57% think that grocery shopping is a “fun day out for the family.”¹ In order to ensure that this experience continues to be as convenient and enjoyable as possible, grocers must concentrate on maximizing customer service offerings and adding value to the in-store shopping experience.

Cummins Allison, the leading innovator and provider of check, currency and coin handling solutions, as well as ATMs, shares how implementing a self-service coin program can help grocers achieve their customer service goals while simultaneously increasing their bottom line.

Boosting Customer Service with Self-Service Coin

According to the study, “retailers need to ensure the experience is pleasant, efficient and relevant to keep shoppers coming back.”¹ Savvy grocers are bolstering the customer service experience by leveraging front-of-store services and opportunities. And in fact, grocery stores have two distinct advantages over other self-service coin redemption sites: longer store hours and more frequent store visits.

By offering the convenience of self-service coin counters in their stores, grocers can serve customers better through speed and convenience, drawing in new customers and increasing the frequency of return visits. Coin redemption also keeps cash in stores, and customers appreciate the convenience of redeeming coin and shopping in one trip.

Turn Self-Service Coin Redemption into Profitability

In addition to retaining and attracting customers, 72% of respondents cited “prices” as a major driver in their choice of grocery store.¹ And to combat the rising costs of doing business and keep prices low, grocers should consider selecting a self-service coin machine that allows them to control the coin redemption fee for greater profitability. By setting their own coin redemption fees, grocers can gain a valuable source of additional revenue – and customers feel that fees are justified by the convenience and features offered.

Additionally, self-service coin machines put disposable income in customers’ hands immediately, and cash-in-hand is the top motivator for customers to convert loose change into spendable dollars. Grocers can also further tap into this by promoting store specials or high-margin items through on-screen advertising on the machine.

It is important for grocers to proactively implement strategies that provide both value to customers as well as the additional advantages of increased traffic and in-store purchases. To learn more about how grocery stores can cash in on revenue-generating opportunities with self-service coin machines, visit


1 The Future of Grocery: E-Commerce, Digital Technology and Changing Shopping Preferences Around the World; Nielson, April 2015.

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