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CTC Global and Taihan Electric Wire Company Announce ACCC Conductor Manufacturing Partnership

May 4, 2015
By Business Wire News

IRVINE, Calif.

Today, CTC Global and Taihan Electric Wire Company announced a leading partnership to produce and sell ACCC® electrical conductors for the U.S., Canadian and Korean electrical transmission markets. The ACCC conductors will be manufactured utilizing CTC Global’s composite carbon fiber core, supplied by CTC to Taihan. Taihan Electric Wire Company was established in 1955 in Korea and has become one of the world’s most efficient conductor manufacturers delivering outstanding performance, quality and value to customers around the world. Its wholly owned subsidiary, Taihan Electric USA, opened offices in the U.S. in 2000. Taihan will be utilizing its network of experienced sales representatives to sell ACCC conductors directly to U.S. and Canadian customers. Taihan and CTC will also look for other opportunities to cooperate globally.

CTC Global’s Chief Executive Officer J.D. Sitton stated: “We are very pleased to be working with Taihan Electric Wire Company to serve our domestic and international customers and to grow the market for our high performance ACCC conductors.”

Chun Won Lee, President, Taihan Electric USA, added: “Taihan is a top-tier manufacturer of overhead conductors and other products. We are very happy to add ACCC conductors to our product line-up and believe that these products will enable us to better serve our existing customers and to expand our offerings to new customers.”

The addition of Taihan’s sales team and territory representatives in North America will greatly supplement CTC Global’s existing territory representatives and manufacturing and distribution partnerships with General Cable USA and Lamifil NV, allowing all parties to collectively offer a higher level of customer service and support. With increasing demand for high-capacity, low-sag conductors that can be used to improve the efficiency, capacity, reliability and resiliency of the electric power grid, having another major manufacturer producing ACCC conductors with CTC Global’s patented and proven core is a big plus for North American Utilities.

About CTC Global:

CTC Global is the privately held developer, marketer and manufacturer of composite hybrid carbon fiber core used in ACCC®, the high performance, high voltage power line solution. CTC Global serves utility and industrial companies around the world and has provided core used in over 325 projects totaling over 25,000 kilometers of power line conductors. CTC Global is located in Irvine, California.

About Taihan:

Established in 1955 as Korea’s first electric wire manufacturer, Taihan Electric Wire is a technology leader in the industry of power and communications cables and materials. The company maintains a competitive position in the global market with 70% of EHV-cable sales supplied to companies outside Korea and Taihan has been ranked the global top EHV Cable Manufacturer in CRU 2014 HV/EHV Cable Market Outlook recently. Taihan’s priorities are on R&D and organizational competency, in order to successfully implement growth strategies in the next generation market. Taihan Electric USA is located in Santa Fe Springs, California.

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