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CORRECTING and REPLACING Time to Register for 11th Annual CHC Safety & Quality Summit Draws Short

March 6, 2015
By Business Wire News

VANCOUVER, British Columbia

Headline of release should read: Time to Register for 11th Annual CHC Safety & Quality Summit Draws Short (instead of Registration for 11th Annual CHC Safety & Quality Summit Draws Short).

The corrected release reads:

Time to Register for 11th Annual CHC Safety & Quality Summit Draws Short

Organizers Announce Recipients of Dr. Peter Gardiner Student Grants

Time to register for the world’s premier aviation-safety conference remains – but is growing short.

The 2015 CHC Safety & Quality Summit, an internationally recognized event dedicated to improving aviation safety through excellence in human factors, will be March 23-25 in Vancouver. This year’s summit revolves around the theme, “Integrated Safety Management Systems: Access All Areas.”

The conference brings together top aviation-safety professionals from around the globe to share best practices and explore the latest in safety management systems, human factors of safety, and essential elements of effective safety cultures. About 40 separate sessions are scheduled for each of three days.

During the week of the event, pre- and post-summit training courses will cover BSI Internal and Lead Auditor training, Human Factors Analysis Classification System (HFACS), ISO/DIS 9001: 2015 Revision Workshop, Accident Investigation and Analysis, and ASQ Root-Cause Analysis. Course details are available online, at

As part of a continued effort to harness the summit’s significant benefits to promising aviation professionals, two students have been awarded grants that enable them to attend the event.

The Dr. Peter Gardiner Student Grants further their namesake’s goal to provide people in aviation with the best possible tools and education, in order to reduce accident rates and ultimately increase the safety of those who fly. The late Dr. Gardiner was a longtime advocate of excellence in aviation safety training. Each grant covers admission to the summit, a choice of one of the pre-event courses, and hotel and travel reimbursement.

This year’s recipients are Jingru Yan, who is completing a Masters of Applied Science in systems design engineering at the University of Waterloo and Sebastian Leduc from Seneca College, where he is working towards a Bachelor of Aviation Technology.

More information about the 2015 CHC Safety & Quality Summit, including summit and training-course registration, can be found at

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