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Cook Medical Applauds Congressional Action to Suspend the Medical Device Excise Tax

December 23, 2015
By Business Wire News


Cook Medical applauds the successful efforts of legislators in both the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives last week to suspend the burdensome medical device excise tax for two years. This action to suspend the medical device tax will increase jobs in the device manufacturing industry and lift a financial burden from a vital and innovative economic sector.

“Cook Medical would like to thank our congressional delegation for their leadership in suspending this burdensome tax on medical device companies,” said Cook Group Chairman Steve Ferguson. “Since the tax’s implementation in 2013, U.S. medical device companies large and small have been forced to limit the expansion of U.S. manufacturing facilities, reduce research and development, and decrease hiring.

“Given a two-year suspension, we hope to resume expansion in the United States. As we make our plans to develop here at home, we look forward to working with our congressional leaders to repeal the medical device tax altogether. This is crucial to the U.S. medical device manufacturing industry and more importantly provides jobs and helps patients by ensuring delivery of advanced medical technologies to those who need it the most.”

Medical technology employs more than two million people directly and indirectly all over the United States.

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