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Continental Sausage Rebrands Products as CharcūtNuvo

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Continental Sausage, Inc., today announced that it has completed a comprehensive rebranding of its product line. The new product brand name is CharcūtNuvo™, the new tagline is Redefining Classic Charcuterie™, and the new website is: The new brand name is a made-up combination of the words, “charcuterie” and “new” and pronounced as: “Shar-koot-noo-voh.”

The rebranding program is a key element of the company’s ongoing process of bolstering manufacturing, staffing and marketing systems to meet the growing demand for its products in Whole Foods Market and Costco, along with a number of key specialty retailers and wholesalers.

Since taking over the family business in 2003, Eric and Jessica Gutknechts’ main focus has been to build operational systems to support sustained growth. That strategy has resulted in their company generating more than a 500% increase in revenues, as well as a host of high-profile awards from both industry and consumer organizations and publications. “That has paved the way for our need to invest in updating our branding, as we’ve generated much more visibility in an increasingly competitive environment,” explained CEO, Eric Gutknecht.

The mandate for this rebranding program was to more accurately showcase the product and company attributes that its loyal customers and retailers most appreciate. Brand staging firm Get Stirred Up ( led this initiative and identified Continental’s key attribute as: Appealing to the modern palate by reintroducing what sausages, bratwursts, hams, pastramis, and other classic charcuterie products could taste like and how they could be made. “The term ‘modern palate’ refers to the growing spectrum of consumers who consistently seek out adventurous and craveable flavor combinations and ‘better-for-you’ ingredients, sourcing, and manufacturing practices,” explained David Roth of Get Stirred Up.

The new product packaging, as well as the initial advertising campaign, strategically highlight the company’s inventive and flavorful products, such as “Smoked Buffalo and Pork Jalapeño Cheddar Bratwurst” or “Mac-n-Cheese Furter.” For example, one ad features the headline, “Our Jackalope is Dope,” with an image of the Jackalope Sausage packaging. Another ad playfully explains how to pronounce the new name, with the headline: ‘Shar-koot-noo-WHOA!’ and three CharcūtNuvo products.

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