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Consolidate Your Patchwork of Unconnected Solutions

October 15, 2015
By Marketwired News

STERLING, VA–(Marketwired – October 15, 2015) – In this modern era, the focus has shifted from tangible resources to digital assets. Business and commerce increasingly take place through the Internet rather than in the real world and solutions have made the transition to match. This phenomenon applies to an organization’s internal affairs, as well — HR resources, company handbooks, analytical business data, marketing, customer service and many others have all gone digital.

But all of these solutions must still live somewhere, and many organizations still have a disorganized architecture. By their nature, businesses are integrated — what happens in sales has a direct impact on customer service, marketing, materials resource planning, production and on. Any company transitioning from physical to digital solutions, growing itself or expanding its client base must have a logical internal structure.

That’s where an ERP system thrives. The best of these platforms can turn your chaotic business tools into a single, fluid commerce machine. What follows are four ways an ERP can consolidate your solutions:

1. Fit all your teams under one umbrella

It may not seem necessary for sales to operate within the same digital system as production, or marketing as customer service, but each arm of your business is attached to the same core identity. If these sectors each operate on different islands, they could miss out on key data.

An ERP system brings these seemingly disparate teams into the same system, which processes data and trends across the organization to provide a more accurate picture of what is important. Having said that, the top platforms, like abas ERP, will also only provide the necessary, contextualized information to a given team. That way, no group is cluttered with irrelevant data slowing things down. Abas ERP connects your teams without flooding them with erroneous information.

In addition, a single platform makes it easier to bring your entire organization up to speed. When each team uses a different software solution, they must also learn the language of that system, the IT department has to prepare for different platforms and it becomes an expensive and chronic hassle to constantly train and update as necessary. The umbrella of an ERP allows room for anyone to join and be immediately integrated.

2. Better manage group accounting

If your financial team juggles accounts across currencies and countries, or even just tracks a number of clients domestically, managing those separate accounts can be tricky. With a powerful ERP system, your finance group can deliver account statements with ease — but there’s much more to it. This software allows accounting to reflect performance, development, liquidity and other valuable metrics.

As mentioned under the first point, the ability to gather and trend data from multiple sources makes for more compelling business analytics. In accounting, these details provide better insight to account balances and transactions. If different companies have different fiscal calendars or structures, platforms like abas ERP can take that into account and align those discrepancies. Plus, there’s the added benefit of gaining a defensible, accessible audit trail.

3. Alleviate growing pains

You don’t want to have to worry about what will happen to your digital solutions when you organization grows beyond their capabilities. Successful companies often expand and their architecture must allow for room to grow. As teams merge, shift and take on new responsibilities, their web platform must have that same flexibility.

Platforms like abas ERP are not only designed to take expansion in stride, they actively help encourage it. With accessibility to mobile, web and desktop platforms, abas ERP allows and enhances an organization’s growth. Because they are also highly customizable, the best ERP platforms will still function optimally when you go in and make changes.

4. Provide a simple solution for your employees

Your main goal as an organization is to serve your clients to the best of your ability, but to do so, your entire staff must be on board and working toward the same goal. When you depend on various unreliable software solutions, your employees can become frustrated, less efficient and unable to complete their jobs as well as they could be.

Upgrading to an ERP like abas’ platform will make your employees’ lives easier and, therefore, allow you to provide more valuable and punctual services for your clients. In turn, you will develop an advantage over larger competitors who still labor over ineffective solutions.

Consolidation is the name of game in today’s business environment. By bringing data and solutions all under the same roof, your organization will be better equipped to provide quality products and services for your clients. As you grow, abas ERP can grow with you, maintaining your structure or changing as necessary. All of this is part of a simple solution that provides excellent ROI, the highest-rated customer satisfaction in its sphere, and relatively fast implementation time. In this way, your organization can run smoothly and your solutions will work together as a single unit.

abas is an innovator of ERP solutions for mid-size businesses aspiring to be leaders in their industry. We use our 30+ years of experience to deliver exactly what our customers need — software that is agile, intuitive, sustainable for the long term, and that works anywhere around the world.

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