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Compass Minerals Announces Three-Year Agreement with Employees at its Goderich, Ontario, Salt Mine

May 15, 2015
By Business Wire News


Compass Minerals (NYSE: CMP), has reached a three-year agreement with Goderich mine employees represented by Unifor Local 16-0.

“We’re pleased to have reached an agreement with our employees,” said Gerry Rogers, vice president of operations at the Goderich mine. “Strengthening an already positive relationship with our employees, coupled with the major capital projects at the mine, further positions us for success for years to come.”

The agreement includes clarifications in mine operations, positive participation in sponsored safety programs and a benefits package more consistent with all employees of Compass Minerals Canadian locations.

“Our goal is to offer competitive compensation and be an employer of choice in the market,” says Rogers.

“Our employees and our core values – integrity, respect, collaboration, value creation, and high performance – are critical to the success of the company,” said Steve Berger, senior vice president of corporate services at Compass Minerals. “By living these values every day, we are improving communication and promoting a positive culture of collaboration and respect. It is exciting to see how this change has been embraced at all levels at the Goderich mine and throughout the company.”

Compass Minerals also reached agreements with the unions representing employees at Chicago and Amherst, Nova Scotia, in the first quarter.

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