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Company Profile for LCR Embedded Systems

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LCR Embedded Systems designs, develops, and manufactures enclosures, backplanes, and fully integrated systems for the aerospace and defense, commercial, rail, and industrial markets. Whether you have a rough back-of-the-envelope design idea and seek collaborative development with our engineering team, or a complete, formalized set of build specifications, LCR Embedded Systems will turn your product into reality.

Our electrical, mechanical and manufacturing engineers can design and manage your build-to-spec or build-to-print requirements from obsolescence issues to cost reductions. LCR|ES’s US-based operations offer a cost-effective suite of design, manufacturing, integration, assembly and testing capabilities.

In addition, LCR|ES has a portfolio of fielded and proven standard products (VITA and PICMG Standards; VME, VPX, ATCA, CPCI) that can be customized to meet your unique requirements from rugged enclosures and high-speed backplanes to legacy architectures.

Our focus on quality, schedule, and affordability, along with our strong desire to partner, will make you feel as if you are working with colleagues, all of whom are as invested in helping you achieve your mission as you are.



LCR Embedded Systems

Headquarters Address:

9 South Forrest Ave. #100
Norristown, PA 19401

Main Telephone:

(610) 278-0840



Type of Organization:




Key Executives:

President: Nissen Isakov

COO: Shmuel Yankelewitz

Controller: Sheila Golden


Public Relations


Janis Cortese


(484) 636-3206



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