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Commercial Introduction of CerebrEX’ Cool Pepper® Technology Achieves Industry-Leading Top Interface Speed of 2Gbps for Display Controllers

May 6, 2015
By Business Wire News

OSAKA, Japan

CerebrEX, Inc. has announced today that the company began commercial shipments of display controller CRX1200, an industry-leading high performance eDP TCON (Timing Controller) specifically designed for small and mid-sized display panels. CRX1200 incorporates significant achievements including high-speed data transmission, low power consumption, higher device density and significant space savings — all highly sought-after attributes in the mobile communication and computing device industries where vigorous adoption of higher definition displays is underway. CRX1200 utilizes Cool Pepper® source driver interface technology, also developed by CerebrEX, to accommodate FHD (1980×1080) to UHD (4K2K) resolutions, and is simultaneously equipped with numerous new features hitherto unseen in conventional timing controllers.

Cool Pepper® is an innovative embedded interface technology developed by CerebrEX in response to the increasing demand for higher resolution displays. This technology automatically and individually adjusts signal strength, signal correction and timing optimization processes for each data transmission path, while minimizing transmission power at the same time. As a result, it achieves the best data transfer rate in the industry, 2Gbps over COG (Chip On Glass) greatly reducing the number of transmission lines necessary.

CerebrEX, Inc. has been promoting Cool Pepper® technology towards achieving a de-facto industry-standard status. Licenses were granted to Panasonic Corporation, Lapis Semiconductor Co., Ltd, and ILI Technology Corporation.

As for the input interface, the controller accommodates the mandatory DP1.4 specifications. In addition, it fully supports the newest NVSR (nVIDIA Self Refresh), a low power consumption functionality patented by nVIDIA®.

CerebrEX is committed to providing maximum value for its customers by supplying products and technology for highest possible performance at lowest possible cost, and by contributing to total system solutions with the highest cost performance.

  • Target Devices
    • Notebook and Tablet PCs, and other mobile devices with resolutions from FHD to UHD
  • CRX1200 Main Features and Characteristics
    • High performance eDP 1.4.
    • Supports NVSR (nVIDIA Self Refresh)
    • Cool Pepper® Source Driver Interface
    • PixArt display quality adjustment engine
    • Dynamic control of refresh rate: An extended function of PSR developed by CerebrEX
    • Display correction function during low refresh rate periods
    • PSM (Power Save Mode): Further reduction of power consumption during PSR mode
    • Touch sensor noise avoidance function
    • SDK (System Development Kit)
    • CERES (CerebrEX Reciprocal and Evolutional Solution): Revolutionary approach for providing lower power and better image quality displays to system vendors. This is made possible by closely working with Cool Pepper source driver vendors.

Please note: Cool Pepper® is a registered trademark of CerebrEX, Inc.

About CerebrEX, Inc:
CerebrEX, Inc. is a venture-backed semiconductor start-up in the business of developing proprietary display technologies for the flat panel display market. Founded in 2012 and headquartered in Osaka, the company has an additional office in Tokyo, Japan and in Taipei, Taiwan.

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