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CMTC Client Highlighted in American Manufacturing Heroes Video

March 2, 2015
By Business Wire News


California Manufacturing Technology Consulting® (CMTC) has recognized and featured Louroe Electronics, world leader in audio monitoring within the security industry and located in Van Nuys, CA, as their latest American Hero in their Heroes of American Manufacturing video series. Every year, NIST MEP Centers work with approximately 30,000 manufacturers. NIST MEP aims to feature two companies each year as part of the Heroes of American Manufacturing video series and California was able to spotlight a local manufacturer through CMTC. CMTC is one of 60 centers across the U.S. in the MEP network that is dedicated to providing support to manufacturers in California.

What distinguishes Louroe from other companies and what the MEP team got to see during the video shoot was Louroe’s smart, humble, genuine, visionary, and charismatic leadership; a commitment to its workforce; engaged employees with long tenures; exceptional diversity; a clear sense of purpose; and a real passion for making things in America.

Louroe has experienced a 1,200% growth in exports to Mexico and won an exporting award from the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce in 2013. In addition to the American Heroes video, Richard Brent, CEO of Louroe Electronics, was recently named by the Security Industry Association (SIA) as the 2014 Committee Chair of the Year. Mr. Brent will be recognized in Las Vegas on April 14th. Learn more.

“It is truly an honor to be selected for this outstanding video series of the NIST MEP National Program. We are very proud of our work in manufacturing, this offers us a great opportunity to showcase our company and all of the great people who work at Louroe,” stated Richard Brent, CEO Louroe Electronics.

The American Heroes videos attempt to capture the hearts and minds of the public and celebrate the small and medium sized manufacturers succeeding in the US with the help of their local MEP centers. The videos want to shine a spotlight on what’s happening in plants across the country, the leaders and workers who are making things that improve our daily life, the jobs and contributions these manufacturers provide their communities and the nation’s economy, and the relationship between center and client — They also help tell the story of the unique partnership MEPs have forged with the manufacturing community.

“I am very pleased to see Richard Brent and the Louroe Team recognized at the national level for their passion and commitment to American manufacturing,” stated Jim Watson, President and CEO of CMTC.


A private, nonprofit corporation established in 1992, CMTC is the Southern California affiliate of NIST MEP, under the Federal Hollings Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) program, a network of more than 60 centers across the country that provides assistance to small, medium and large manufacturers. CMTC serves Fresno to San Diego/Imperial County. CMTC and MANEX represent the MEP system in California and work in close collaboration on all manufacturing issues and opportunities within the State of California. For more information, visit or follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter. Subscribe to our manufacturing network blog at

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