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CHGT’s Innovative New 3D Printing Process Promises Higher-Quality Finishes

September 1, 2015
By Business Wire News


Changing Technologies, Inc. (OTCBB: CHGT) will unveil a new 3D printing process that will hide unsightly build lines on finished models – resulting in end products that look more like traditionally manufactured molded parts and that slice costly post-processing expenses.

“In the past, build lines have given 3D-printed products a rough, often unappealing finish,” said CHGT CEO Marco Valenzuela. “Our new, proprietary process effectively disguises those lines. The results are 3D-printed products that more closely resemble traditionally manufactured items. We’re the first to debut such a process and we expect customers will want to take advantage of this for their 3D printing needs.”

So-called build lines are surface grooves that result from the layer-by-layer build process typically used by additive manufacturing technologies. CHGT’s new system is the first to soften the appearance of layering with a more subtle-appearing texture.

Rough build lines have been cited as one of 3D printing’s current technological disadvantages keeping it from being utilized beyond prototyping. However, disguising them could make mass 3D production more desirable. Industry surveys currently predict 3D printing will be a $20 billion enterprise by 2020 and two-thirds of the Top 100 manufacturing companies are now employing 3D printing in their industrial process. That could grow much more with a process disguising build lines.

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About Changing Technologies, Inc.

Changing Technologies, Inc. (CHGT) is an emerging technology company focused on developing innovative concepts to bring to consumers. It recently created a new subsidiary — 6th Dimension Technologies — to pursue additional growth areas and market needs in the booming 3D printing sector. A forward-thinking company working to be at the forefront of the next generation of consumer-based technology, CHGT is positioning itself to leverage global demand for the latest technological advances and services the company offers. Changing Technologies, Inc. is in the cutting-edge technology sphere alongside companies like Voxelijet AG (VJET), Arcam AB (AMAVF), and ExOne Co. (XONE).



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