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Catching the Eye of the Customer: Cummins Allison Explains How Grocers Can Appeal to a Variety of Consumer Types with Self-Service Technology

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Grocery stores can benefit greatly from the use of self-service coin counters; however, each consumer is unique with different tastes, disposable incomes and approaches to shopping. To make the most of these machines, grocery stores must make an honest effort to cater to each segment’s needs.

Cummins Allison, the leading innovator and provider of check, currency and coin handling solutions, explains how grocery stores can promote their self-service coin counting services to appeal to the four customer personality types.

Catching the Eye of the Customer

When equipped with self-service coin technology, grocers can cater to a wide variety of customers through increased speed and convenience. And while there are a many diverse types of consumers, each with varying demographics and buying behaviors, the majority of them belong to one of the following four customer types:

Self-achievers: These individuals have specific intentions to buy a particular type of item. Saving their loose change in scheduled allotments allows for big purchases, such as vacations or big-screen televisions. Grocers can appeal to this group by making a case for this type of financial planning.

Grocery Gourmands: This segment prioritizes food quality. They like trying new things and have a respect for high-end products. Pique the interest of these individuals by showing them how cashing in their coins before a shopping excursion could help pay for a new adventurous ingredient or a more delectable dish.

Multitaskers: These consumers constantly juggle a range of responsibilities, and have one-track minds when it comes to completing specific processes. While they are most likely to grab-and-go, often on the way to and from work, they fall prey to distractions easily. Here, promotion of self-service counters play to a store’s benefit. Simply offer something that stops them in their tracks, such as an incentivized promotion or pointing out they can quickly convert loose coins in their purse or pockets into cash.

Traditionalists: Traditionalists are constantly on the lookout for savings. They like familiarity and value the money they have. With this in mind, promoting self-service coin counters is a matter of playing to their desire to save money. It’s likely that they have a bag or jar filled with coins, which they collect for the sake of simplicity. While they may not appear as often as other types of shoppers, their use of the machine can be an example to others on its benefits, since their payout will likely be very large.

Superstores and small-town grocery markets alike can benefit from the added value and proven ROI of self-service coin counters by enticing the interest of these various customer types.

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