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Cannabis Entrepreneur Todd Mitchem Introduces New Clean Vape Pen for the New Year

December 31, 2015
By Business Wire News


Coinciding with the second anniversary of legalized marijuana in Colorado, “Cannapreneur” Todd Mitchem announced the crowdfunding phase and roll out for his latest venture, ION. Todd’s vape pen is positioned to be a leader in advancing clean and safe mobile vape pen hardware in the multi-billion-dollar vaping market.

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“After extensive research and experience, I learned that many of the readily available vape products today utilize technology and components that contain dangerous materials including glue, asbestos and BPA plastic that may negatively affect the health of consumers,” said Mitchem. “I consulted with consumers, consumer advocacy groups, teams of engineers and vaping experts to create a vape pen that is void of these harmful contaminants and delivers a superior experience.”

Some hardware options currently on the market have been found to include superglue-like material in cartridges and certain low grade metal atomizers that cause outgassing into users’ lungs, among other things. These health hazards, otherwise known as the “Range of Danger,” clearly demonstrate a need for consumer education and increased production standards.

“After two years of working with the Attorneys General in each state around building standards for safety in this industry, it was fitting for me to bring to market a new category of vaping technology that protects consumers,” Mitchem added. “It is critical to me that cannabis consumers are made aware of what is out there and that they have an alternative. With ION, I applied learned knowledge to build an innovative new option.”

Mitchem originally turned to popular crowdfunding sites Indegogo and Kickstarter, but was turned away because of terms unfriendly to companies developing products that can be used for cannabis extracts. In order to provide safer and cleaner technology to consumers in a quicker manner, ION chose to launch an independent crowdfunding site,, which can be contributed to until Jan. 30, 2016, with rewards shipping in February 2016.

Mitchem goes on to say, “ION’s purpose is to constantly improve the standards of all products associated with our clean initiative. Our goal is to attain valuable, short-term support and immediate feedback for this product. We view our customers as our family and together we will make our product roadmap cleaner and cleaner with each new edition.”

About ION

ION is the most disruptive vape product to emerge since the beginning of the vaporizing movement. With clean technology, medical grade glass cartridges and state of the art low resistance heating element, ION is solving the problem of where to find high quality, clean hardware technology for vaping all forms of herbal extract oils. For more information, visit the crowdfunding page at

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