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Cabot Norit Activated Carbon to Showcase Activated Carbon Products at Aquatech 2015 Amsterdam

November 3, 2015
By Business Wire News


Cabot Norit Activated Carbon, the world’s largest and most experienced producer of activated carbon, will attend Aquatech Amsterdam 2015, the world’s leading trade exhibition for wastewater and process and drinking water taking place November 3 – 6 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Cabot Norit Activated Carbon produces activated carbon used to remove pollutants, contaminants and other impurities from water, air, food and beverages, pharmaceutical products and other liquids and gases in an efficient and cost-effective manner. In addition to its unparalleled product portfolio, Cabot offers a full range of activated carbon services including rental systems, carbon reactivation, bulk delivery and change-out, and carbon evaluation, as well as technical service and support to help customers meet their specific purification needs.

“We manufacture activated carbon and reactivated carbon at multiple sites across the globe, providing our customers with a global network of sales and service support,” said Bart Genemans, business director EMEA region, Cabot Purification Solutions. “As countries grapple with growing water scarcity, the need for better sanitation in rapidly growing cities, and the pressure to deliver better performance at existing municipal and industrial water treatment sites, Cabot remains on the leading edge to meet the needs of the industry. We are a technology leader in the global water purification market, and our activated carbon products meet the most stringent global requirements. Whether customers have one operation or many facilities around the globe, we have the solutions and the global scale to meet their needs.”

Cabot will feature several innovations for wastewater and potable and process water purification and for sewage air and biogas purification at its stand in Hall 1 – No. 01.328. Attendees can learn more about Cabot’s solutions, including:

  • Micropollutant reduction at wastewater treatment plants
    Cabot’s NORIT® SAE SUPER, HYDRODARCO® C, NORIT GAC 612 WFD and NORIT GAC 830 W high-quality activated carbons deliver exceptional micropollutant elimination and removal of ozonation oxidation byproducts for wastewater effluent purification. As a result, these products significantly reduce total micropollutant loads and potentially harmful residuals from entering surface waters.
  • Extensive green reactivation footprint with plants in the Netherlands, Italy and the United Kingdom
    The largest and most respected municipal drinking water companies rely on Cabot Norit Activated Carbon for its custom reactivation carbon products and services. With three green reactivation plants covering a broad geographic footprint, Cabot can help customers minimize costs associated with transporting heavy spent carbons long distances. Customers recognize that Cabot has the reactivation capacity to seamlessly support their periodic, high volume change-outs, while also helping them to achieve their long-term sustainability goals.
  • NORIT SA UF carbon for use with hollow fiber ultra-filtration membranes for potable water treatment
    NORIT SA UF powdered activated carbon is designed specifically to be dosed onto hollow fiber ultra-filtration (UF) membranes for the removal of taste and odor causing compounds, total organic carbon and synthetic organics for potable water purification. This highly engineered product helps ensure that external safety filters are not blocked, thereby protecting the highly sensitive internal UF membranes and ensuring that the system remains operational.
  • NORIT ROY 0.8 carbon for steam condensate polishing
    Cabot’s NORIT ROY 0.8 activated carbon delivers exceptional mineral oil removal and extremely low silica leaching levels for purifying steam condensate in pressurized steam generation processes at refineries within the oil and gas industry. As a result, these products significantly lower operating costs by reducing energy and water consumption and extending the useful life of valuable boiler and turbine assets.
  • Biogas upgrading for direct use or grid supply
    Sewage treatment plants are increasingly producing renewable grid quality biogas for consumer use. Cabot offers high performance carbon solutions to help ensure that customers remove harmful hydrogen sulfide (H2S), siloxanes and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). DARCO® BGH activated carbon, a uniquely designed product for biogas customers, provides natural catalytic properties without chemical impregnates, making it an ideal solution for H2S removal. For customers looking to optimize removal of siloxanes and/or VOC’s Cabot offers NORIT RB4W activated carbon.
  • High decolorization efficiency for wine and juice purification
    Cabot’s new NORIT KB EV SUPRA activated carbon achieves the highest decolorization efficiency for wine and juice purification and meets the requirements of Halal and Kosher certifications.
  • CAPEX reduction for residual oxidants removal from water
    The NORIT ROW CAT activated carbon series offers enhanced catalytic performance that optimizes processes like H2O2/UV that require the elimination of residual hydrogen peroxide and possible by-products.

To learn more about how Cabot’s purification solutions are addressing today’s global challenges, please visit stand No. 01.328 in Hall 1 or contact:

Contact for Aquatech Amsterdam 2015
Bart Genemans
Business Director EMEA Region
Cabot Norit Nederland B.V.
+ 31 33 46 48 911


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