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Brown University Launches Executive Master in Science and Technology Leadership

July 5, 2016
By Business Wire News


Brown University today announced the launch of its Executive Master in Science and Technology Leadership (EMSTL) program, currently accepting applications for the Class of 2018 beginning study in March 2017. Building on Brown University’s interdisciplinary excellence, EMSTL is designed to prepare professionals in engineering, science, and technology to be industry leaders who drive growth and innovation in today’s complex, rapidly evolving, global markets.

This 16-month program of accelerated study is for highly accomplished professionals with 5-15 years of experience in technical fields who are ready to broaden their impact and achieve greater success as business and organizational leaders. The program’s key themes are leadership development and communication, strategic thinking and decision making, global value creation, and innovation. Students develop a humanities-inspired approach to leadership by leveraging this dynamic, innovative, and impactful executive program.

EMSTL students prepare to be leaders who:

  • Anticipate and respond nimbly to changing customer needs, technology, and competitor dynamics;
  • Influence stakeholders and lead cross-cultural, multi-functional teams on a global scale; and
  • Foster a corporate culture of innovation and entrepreneurship primed to seize new business and technology opportunities.

EMSTL students benefit from collaborative learning with faculty from Brown’s departments of economics, engineering, international studies, literature, and psychology; distinguished industry practitioners; and highly qualified peers. Students gain vision, apply new knowledge and skills, and test new ideas while developing real-time, tangible solutions to pressing organizational challenges. They gain perspective on global leadership in an intensive experiential session with leading technology companies in South Korea.

“As scientific and technological innovation reshapes the global economy, industry professionals need to go beyond their traditional technical or engineering training,” said Anubhav Tripathi, PhD, EMSTL executive academic director. “EMSTL will prepare them to accelerate their careers, broaden their impact, and propel their businesses forward.”

Dr. Tripathi spans industry and academia. As professor of Engineering and Medical Science, he leads a research group that develops new pathogen diagnostic platforms, and consults with Perkin Elmer and other corporations. Prior to joining EMSTL, Tripathi served for 7 years as co-director of Brown University’s Center of Biomedical Engineering, where he created accredited curriculum and chaired faculty hiring committees Dr. Tripathi collaborates with colleagues in academia, industry, medicine, and holds many patents. Before joining Brown, he engineered the development of microfluidic chips for protein and DNA sizing at Caliper LifeSciences, now Perkin Elmer. Dr. Tripathi is a Fellow of the American Institute of Medical and Biological Engineering.

Program director Sandra Smith has twenty years of experience as a business leader and strategy consultant bringing new products and services to market for Fortune 500 companies. Starting her career as an engineer at Bell Canada, Smith moved to the Boston Consulting Group in San Francisco as a project leader working on growth strategies with senior executives at HP, Agilent, Seagate, and other computer software/hardware and telecommunications companies. Later as Director of Advised Services at Charles Schwab, Smith launched and managed solutions for their largest customer segment while overseeing technology platform development, marketing, sales, operations, and other functional areas.

“We are thrilled to have a distinguished group of award-winning faculty, corporate executives, and top university leaders shaping the program and setting a new standard of leadership development for science and technology professionals,” said Sandra Smith, Wharton MBA. “If you are an accomplished professional working in science, engineering, or technology looking to accelerate your career, this program is the perfect fit.”

About Brown University Executive Master in Science and Technology
The Executive Master in Science and Technology Leadership at Brown’s School of Professional Studies is a 16-month graduate program that offers students a highly collaborative learning environment through a blend of outstanding online and face-to-face education. The Executive Master in Science and Technology Leadership prepares confident, highly effective leaders who can drive significant growth and unleash new market opportunities. Graduates earn a Master’s degree from Brown University, and join the powerful, global alumni network at this Ivy League university. To learn more about the program and view an informational webinar, visit

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