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Bretford® Furniture Integral to Vibrant Educational Layout At THINC College & Career Academy in LaGrange, GA

July 30, 2015
By Business Wire News


Bretford Manufacturing, Inc.®, a U.S.-based manufacturer of technology-enabled furniture for 21st century learning and business environments, together with Loy’s Office Supplies today announced a partnership with THINC College & Career Academy, a charter-based school with a workplace curriculum designed for high school-aged students within Troup County in LaGrange, GA. The vibrant, modern learning center – fully equipped with the Bretford EDU 2.0 line of smart, agile furniture – is being shown to the community during a grand opening on July 30 and is officially open for classes at the start of the school year on August 10.

The THINC academic model is unique, technology-rich, and responsive to student and teacher needs. Combining critical thinking and business, THINC Academy meshes academic and workforce requirements through leading-edge technology, nimble classroom space, virtual learning, and project-based assignments. Housed within West Georgia Technical College and funded by local businesses, THINC Academy includes 14 work-style classrooms that focus on different career paths with additional open areas such as a coffee shop and lobby. High school students within the community can attend up to two courses per day, either in the morning or afternoon.

“This is definitely one of our most exciting partnerships to date as we have the opportunity to show how the furniture can create a lively, agile workspace where students can learn hands-on and really prepare for their future,” explained Chris Petrick, CEO for Bretford Manufacturing, Inc. “Students at THINC won’t be sitting in a room taking notes. Instead they will be using their devices, working in teams, and changing the learning environment based on the need. Our EDU 2.0 line of furniture enables this style of teaching and learning to give students and staff limitless possibilities for success.”

“In Troup County we have a 72 percent graduation rate, which means 300 students drop out of high school per year,” said Dr. Kathy Carlisle, CEO of THINC College and Career Academy. “The Bretford furniture offers the flexibility needed to help keep our students engaged and involved in their work projects. Those projects help prepare them for work and college and that is our key focus.”

According to Dr. Christopher Williams, principal of THINC College & Career Academy, “Every one of the courses offered at THINC requires group work. The Bretford furniture allows for collaboration with built-in power for laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Most of the furniture is mobile and reconfigurable for different uses throughout the school.” He added, “The furniture helps create an environment focused on shaping the students to be ‘work savvy’ and this makes these students highly desirable to businesses and universities.”

Bretford EDU 2.0 products used within THINC College & Career Academy include:

• MOTIV Modular and Freestanding Soft Seating

• MOTIV Occasional Tables

• EXPLORE® Chairs and Stools

• EXPLORE Series Tables

• EXPLORE Presentation Shuttles

• EXPLORE Instructor’s Tech Desks

• Core Series Carts

“Troup County is at the center of a regional economic development boom where hundreds of employers need highly skilled individuals to fill essential positions,” said Chad Williams, vice president, Loy’s Office Supplies. “THINC needed furniture that could adapt and change over the next 24 months and the Bretford furniture is designed to do just that. The Bretford EDU 2.0 products specified throughout the school were delivered on time and within the school’s budget. In fact, they are already in use for meetings and other activities going on at the school.”

“Many of the surfaces and materials in the school were donated by companies within the community so we had the opportunity to work with a lot of fun colors and patterns, which enabled us to design a professional yet creative look and feel in each area of the building,” said Ashley Smith, architect intern at Smith Design Group, Inc. of LaGrange, Georgia. “Bretford has great furniture lines that work well in each of these areas. We were able to use Bretford’s Customization Services to match the furniture colors with modular carpet tiles provided by Interface® and the cabinetry. At the same time, the chairs and tables can be rearranged or moved into other areas of the school and fit in just fine. And the Bretford pieces we chose are flexible and sustainable so they will continue to work as the school evolves.”

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