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BlueIron IP Skewers Traditional Patent Attorney Role with Unique Investment Model

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Protecting a startup’s intellectual property is one of the most important milestones for any new tech-based business and one of the biggest factors for its success, but conventional patent attorneys can make it a costly and confusing journey.

BlueIron IP offers an alternative path toward patent protection that startups can depend on because patent attorney Russ Krajec, BlueIron’s founder, understands the patent process from both sides of the issue.

Krajec, a former engineer, inventor and startup founder, is offering his hard-won insider’s expertise to help startups avoid the pitfalls that can surround the patent process.

He does it by honestly assessing the potential of a startup’s IP and investing $60,000 or more of his own money to help those with patent-worthy IP make it through the patent process much faster than they otherwise might – and with much better results.

“I’m going to invest in these assets and make sure they have real commercial value,” says Krajec. “I do the due diligence beforehand, and when we expedite it through the Patent Office we can usually get a patent within 12 months.

“It can be five years or more doing it with a typical patent attorney, and many startups fail before ever seeing the benefit of the patent for their business.”

BlueIron finances a startup’s IP using a conventional commercial lease-back model, saving the startup precious money it needs to build a product and enter the marketplace.

“As with any commercial lease-back, the startup has an option to buy out the asset at any time, but with its exclusive license it can still enforce the asset, license it out, or use it to control its market during the ‘leasing’ period.

“A company becomes much more valuable to investors after it has exclusive control of its market through this arrangement, and they are happy because our money – not the investor’s money – is used to get the patent,” says Krajec.

Having someone who believes in the IP is what BlueIron does, Krajec says.

“Curating the invention is part of getting the value out of it. Picking the right invention – and making sure it has real commercial value – is the key to getting patents that have teeth for a startup.”

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